Front Desk / Guest Services

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Front Desk/Guest Services Placement

The roles do vary from lodge to lodge but here is a general description which applies to most of the jobs in this sector. This is a very important role within hospitality as this person will be the first person that the guests see when they arrive at the lodge. You would be responsible for welcoming the guests to the lodge, which is a big responsibility.

The lodges are seeking a friendly, professional people who understand good customer service to take on these roles and provide the guests with a warm welcome from the minute that they arrive at the lodge.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Welcome guests to the lodge
  • Ensure accuracy with information and billing during arrival and departure
  • Follow procedures for cash and security on front desk
  • Provide accurate information to guests on resort events and services
  • Perform any other duties within your range of competencies as required by your supervisor