The Top Insta-Worthy Destinations to Visit in New Zealand

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Hoping to increase your following while on your working holiday? If so, then New Zealand is the place to go.  New Zealand is known for its spectacular variety of landscapes that are definitely insta-worthy and better yet, you won’t need that filter to enhance your photos. Our Work Abroad Operations Coordinator, Liv, has put together her top instagrammable places to visit in New Zealand that you should be sure to post about. Did we mention she’s a Kiwi? 

Lake Wanaka 
New Zealand winter season is not complete without the classic Lake Wanaka photo on your ‘gram. With the snowy mountains in the background and the colorful autumn trees surrounding the peaceful blue lake, this is a great location for that scenic photo to roll in the likes. 

Waiheke Island 
You wouldn’t be caught dead without a photo on Waiheke Island at a vineyard during the spring/summer season. Dress up and get those candid shots with your closest friends while drinking wine, as this is the place to be seen. Not to mention the stunning green landscapes and the spectacular blue ocean that definitely adds to your photo. 

Skyline Queenstown 
Best seen at sunset, this location has it all. Not only is there so much to do at the Skyline, but you can also get that Instagram shot that has it all. From the mountains in the distance, to lake Wakatipu, to the main town center, Skyline Queenstown will give you the best photo overlooking this beautiful destination. 

Tongariro National Park 
This location is great for those fitness, health and adventure ‘grams. In order to see the amazing contrasting landscapes in this location a day’s hike is involved; however, with emerald color lakes, alpine meadows, hot springs and some of the largest volcanoes in the North Island, this location is sure to have something for everyone. 

Matapouri Mermaid Pools 
If this spot features on your blog during the New Zealand summer, then you’re clearly are doing your summer right. The Mermaid Pools feature a classic beach photo look with rocks, water and trees in the background; however, typically during low tide the Mermaid Pools form one large rock pool for tourists to swim in. 

Milford Sound 
Another location that is great year-round is Milford Sound. Whether you’re after that winter picture or a summer escape, Milford Sound has it all. With green mountains in the summer, that turn a frosty white in winter, towering over the inky-black water which appears a dark blue color in the summer. Not only does this location have incredible scenery, but also plenty of activities for the more adventurous instagrammers. 

Cathedral Cove 
One of the most picturesque locations in The Coromandel, for that typical summer getaway ‘insta pic’, Cathedral Cove is a definite must-see site in New Zealand. Cathedral Cove is a sandy beach, which features a large arched cavern formed by white rock. The beach itself is only accessible by foot, boat and kayak making this location a great day trip adventure. 

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