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BUNAC's Work Abroad champ Glenn recently moved North on our Work Canada program. We've caught up with him to see how he got on, the professional expereinces he has added to his resume and of course his travel plans.

Hey Glenn! Tell us, how did you hear about BUNAC's Work Canada program?

I found it online and also heard that other students at Florida State University were using the program.

Awesome, and what is your educational background?

I have a B.A. from LaGrange College in 2011 - English major, Psychology minor. I also have an MSW from Florida State University in 2018.

How did you find the BUNAC process and service, from signing up, the assistance provided, to the communication throughout your visa process?

The process and service of BUNAC was beyond my expectations. From my first phone call, I had all of my questions answered. After the call, I received an email with some basic steps to follow. After signing up, I received further help documentation at every stage.

I had a unique situation, because I was coming in to complete an international site placement for my Master’s in Social Work Degree and thus had a lot of questions. I was amazed at how much the staff, and especially Lubka, knew. I was even given a custom answer sheet to the many questions I had!

What type of employment did you take part in and what city were/are you based in?

I live in Vancouver and took the sky train to Richmond each day for my clinical internship in social work. After graduating, I was hired by my placement site and will be one of their clinical counsellors, serving individuals, families and children.

What were the highlights of working abroad in Canada?

One of the highlights has been working in an extremely diverse city. As a social worker who intends to become an LCSW in the US and to work as a psychotherapist, I appreciate the opportunity to expand my cultural competence. In addition, there are much more progressive practices in Vancouver that I’d like to learn more about and incorporate into my own practice.

For personal highlights, I’d say the variety of food from the many diverse cultures here in the greater Vancouver area makes for some wonderful restaurants and hole in the wall eateries! If you enjoy nature, mountains, and coastal living, then Vancouver is the place for you.

What were your initial impressions of the city you chose to live in?

I originally expected Vancouver to be much colder when we arrived in December, but was pleasantly surprised. Coming from the Southeast, I was used to warmer weather and did not find it too hard to adjust, albeit with a few extra layers.

Upon arriving, we were impressed with how friendly and helpful everyone was, from the border crossing agents to asking random people questions on the street.

What were your personal highlights of the city you lived in?

My personal highlights of the city would be how green it is. There are some great parks, as well as off-leash dog friendly parks. There is easy access to the nature that surrounds the city - activities include skiing, boating, and some great breweries as well! Public transit is wonderful here, especially if you are able to live near the Sky Train.

What advice would you give to someone considering taking part in BUNAC’s Work in Canada program?

I’d recommend that before you arrive you start spending some time looking at where you want to live - it’s very difficult to find housing in Vancouver due to the high demand. I’d also suggest that if you are trying to find a specialized job like counselling, that you contact agencies ahead of time to attempt to set things in motion before arriving in Canada.

Did you do any traveling in Canada as part of your time abroad?

Yes, my wife and I travelled to Deep Cove, Whistler, and many areas of greater Vancouver. We plan to visit Kelowna for their mountain ranges and wine country in the near future.

And do you have any additional comments for those thinking of moving to Canada?

In regards to banking, be sure that your home bank is able to do international wire transfers if that’s something you intend to do at any point. Upon arriving in Canada, I discovered that my US bank could only wire money internationally if I was physically at a branch - this was impossible. Suffice to say, save yourself a headache and find a bank that allows for remote international wire transfers before coming to Canada.

Are you having travel-envy after reading about Glenn's professional and travel experiences in Canada? We have a whole host of work abroad programmes waiting for you - check them out here! If you have any questions and would like to get in touch with one of the BUNAC team, get in touch with us on 866-220-7771 or at info@bunacusa.org

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