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Our Work Abroad Expert Liz hails from Sydney and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the best sights to see in Australia. Let her open your mind to must-do's that stretch far beyond the tourist trail of Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Great Barrier Reef with her Australian top fives. She's pretty hilarious, and she might even convince you to get on board and go down under on Work Australia.

Top 5 Aussie places

  1. Sydney - it's my hometown so yes, I'm a little bias. I have to say though that Sydney is the best place for variety. You can brunch at amazing places with incredible views, there are clubs and bars all around the city for those who like to party into the night and the beaches are to die for!
  2. Melbourne - wicked city with a super edgy feel to it. Again, there is amazing food everywhere, and the coffee is next level. And Melbourne has a pink lake - yes my friend, you heard me correctly. A PINK lake. 
  3. Cairns - Cairns will always bring back my childhood memories. When I was younger we drove to Cairns and I got carsick, but when I saw the Great Barrier Reef for the first time it made the journey worth it. Honestly Cairns is amazing, you get that small Aussie town vibe but its still a tourist haven so you know you’re going to make loads of friends. 
  4. Byron Bay - I am sure everyone has heard of Byron right? If you haven’t, this place is the absolute haven for all the hippies and hipsters out there (and everyone else of course!). Imagine lying in a hammock on a beach in between two palm trees, sipping on your drink of choice and watching the waves crash against the shore. Yep, that’s Byron.
  5. Whitsundays - The Whitsunday Islands are a MUST SEE. Pure white sandy beaches stretch as far as the eye can see, and the weather almost always perfect all year round. All in all it’s super Instagrammable.

Top 5 Aussie beaches

  1. Milk Beach - it’s a bit of a mission to get there but once you do your mind will be blown. It’s a tiny beach that’s like a bay (no big waves either) but the one thing you have to LOVE about it is you get an incredible view of Sydney Harbor from an angle not many people get to see. Personally its one of my most favorite beaches to escape from the world.
  2. Manly Beach - I love Manly, firstly because it takes me back to when I was at school and we did surf lessons. Good times. Secondly, because it’s got a wicked boardwalk with Aussie brands, cheap eats and ice cream. 
  3. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays - this place has to be one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. It ties in with why its one of my top 5 places to go, it’s just like nothing else you’ve ever seen.
  4. Tallows Beach, Byron Bay - Tallows Beach is great place for swimming, whale watching, beach fishing or just tanning it up on the shore.
  5. Brighton Beach, Melbourne - Want a great shot on Instagram to make everyone back home jealous? Well mate, this beach is the one. Brighton Beach (yeah, the Brits might think it it’s a copy of their one) but Brighton Beach Boxes are amazing to see and I can guarantee you’re going to love it. 

Top 5 Aussie songs to listen to on a road trip

  1. 'Highway to hell', ACDC – it’s a classic, what else can I say? 
  2. 'Khe Sanh', Cold Chisel - another great classic hit, with your windows down and a straight highway ahead you’ll realize what freedom is.
  3. 'Down Under', Men at Work - this is a song for a bit of a laugh. Imagine driving to Byron from Sydney (approximately 8 hours) and mid way everyone’s a bit weary then BAM this song comes on and you’re all singing along loving life. 
  4. 'You're the Voice', John Farnham - You’re the Voice is standard Aussie culture. If you don’t know the words you need to learn them before you arrive because this song is an Australian right of passage. I feel they should ask you to recite it at border control or something. 
  5. 'Working Class Man', Jimmy Barnes - I feel Working Class Man is a great banger on a road trip, or just when you’re traveling in general. 

If BUNAC's favorite travel expert Liz hasn't convinced you to fly to Australia then we don't know what will. Check out our Work Australia program now; email your questions to or call us on 866-220-7771. Want to know of even more awesome places to check out in Australia? Have a look at our Discover Australia page.

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