Moving to New Zealand, First Month Impressions

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Tyler and Kimberly are in the beginning of their New Zealand adventure after leaving their California life. Check out their initial impressions of work, travel and life in New Zealand.

Why we decided to move to New Zealand: My fiancee and I decided to move to New Zealand for a year to take advantage of all the outdoor activities the country has to offer. We were interested in surfing, hiking, completing one of the great walks, and doing some adrenaline type of activities such as sky diving and white water rafting.  We both got work visas set up through Bunac and arrived in New Zealand the first week of September. 

Getting settled when we arrived in Auckland: We were both very impressed how organized everything was when we landed in Auckland. We had both bank accounts already set up for us through bunac when we arrived, as well as a very helpful orientation through the IEP Office. By the end of the day we had our IRD forms completed and sent in, bank accounts ready, and cell phones set up.  We also really liked having people we could chat with about any questions we had about New Zealand and travel. 

Where we decided to call "home" for the next year:  After traveling around the North Island for the first three weeks, we decided to look for long term work in Mount Maunganui,which is about 2 1/2 hours below Auckland. It is next to the city of Tauranga, which is known as the fastest growing city in New Zealand. We love the beautiful beaches and easy access to Lake Taupo, the West Coast, and Auckland.  We also love the small town feel, but with large city conveniences. 

Transportation: To travel around New Zealand you have two choices: bus or buying a car.  We decided to buy a camper van since we would be doing a ton of camping and surfing. We ended up buying a Toyota Lucida and named her "Lucy". She has already taken us on some awesome adventures including Rotorua, Wellington, Gisborne, and Raglan. 

On Finding Work: We were lucky and found work very quickly. Arriving in New Zealand in September meant many businesses were looking for people for the upcoming summer season. Tyler actually got the very first job he applied to, as a bartender and manager in a restaurant. I am working at reception at a busy hostel in downtown Tauranga. I love it because I get to do all the local activities for free and get to talk to other travelers doing the same thing we are doing. 

Best Find in Auckland: We found this place call backpackers car world, which re-sells all used camping equipment at a giant discount, we got everything we needed for camping at roughly 1/4 of the price it costs new.  

Best Advice for making the most of New Zealand: Talk to anyone and everyone about finding a job, travel tips, activities, and anything else you need while you are here. Some of our best travel experiences so far have come from helpful tips from locals, other travelers, and random people we have struck up conversations with.  

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