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Intern In Britain

Thinking about interning abroad? We caught up with Rahul, who is passionate about the hospitality industry and has been interning in London with Best Western Hotels. Check out the Q&A about his amazing experience with BUNACs Intern In Britain Program.

What would you say to someone thinking about doing this?
It's enjoying all aspects of life, what's better than fun @ work!?

Has this helped to shape your future career?
Yes, in every perspective, be it practical or ideological.  

What do you think are the main skills you have gained?
Although skills are not easily gained in a short period of time, I am working to make sure my quality of work and service is consistent and the same level as my peers.  

What has been the BEST part of your experience?
No professional experience is complete without feedback, which I received regularly and has helped me improve my work.

How did you find BUNAC’s help in the process?                
For me, BUNAC provides as much support as sites like Google. It was a pleasure working with them and having their support throughout my time abroad.

What did you do in your spare time?
My spare time was spent on sports - playing and watching. People from almost every country of Europe are here and I was able to learn and practice every nationalities main sport. My favourite are cricket, football and snooker.

What do you think are main benefits to doing an internship overseas?
Besides holding great weight on your resume, this experience has many benefits to the individual in all aspects of your life; international exposure, professional knowledge, improving interpersonal skills, understanding the needs of every guest and colleges even with language barriers, etc.

What did you find most rewarding about your experience?
My experience interning abroad has been the best part of my life, I have learned so much, met so many people and improved my football skills ; )  All thanks to BUNAC and my motivational managers.

And finally would you recommend BUNAC to someone thinking of interning in the UK?
One word: YES!

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