Queenstown: A Kiwi Winter Wonderland

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Whether you’re visiting for a specific event, taking up some extreme sports or just having a quiet wander through the town to soak up its scenic views, Queenstown offers it all. My visit to Queenstown kicked off with an unexpected display of fireworks!

I was lucky enough to visit Queenstown right at the beginning of the Winter Festival. It started in the 70’s as a “good excuse to celebrate winter and party,” Queenstown’s Winter Festival boasts hundreds of visitors during its 10 day stay in this little town. 

There are loads of winter sport competitions to take part in and an ice skating rink to explore. Then you’ll also find lots of typical festival attractions including food trucks, street performers and lots of themed night life. When I was there I saw one bar that even had a masquerade night- so exciting! 

During the day I enjoyed my time just wandering around the city and taking lots of photos of the scenery. Queenstown is unlike any place I’ve been before and the people were all so welcoming I can definitely understand why so many BUNACers look for work here!

My favorite Queenstown experience was definitely Canyon Swinging. It was without a doubt the most exhilarating thing I have ever done in my life! I dropped 109 meters down a gorge IN THE COLD, saw my life flash before my eyes, and then was overwhelmed with laughter the whole swing down. At first I was terrified but the fear quickly faded away as the adrenaline kicked in and I had a blast!


Queenstown was my last stop in New Zealand and I could not have imagined ending my trip here any other way. This town took my breath away with its thrills and gorgeous views! When (not if) you visit make sure you get in some sort of adventure, whitewater rafting, bungee jumping and skydiving are available for the brave. Otherwise, horseback riding, zip lining, or sailing are perfect for those who prefer a bit less risk. Be sure to get some relaxation in as well with a trip to the vineyards, some wine tasting and sipping a delicious coffee at one of the many cafes on the water front.  

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