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Andrew surfing

On the Oz Experience hop-on, hop-off bus over to Byron Bay, I overheard many people talk about their excitement over surfing. Little did I realize surfing was the main attraction at the Bay!

Despite being born in Los Angeles, California, I have never surfed in my life! I was incredibly nervous about making a fool of myself in front of other people, but hey, it’s surfing! How hard can it be?

Surfing actually takes A LOT of hard work! A couple things I learned include: 

-Picking a wave you see fit to ride over 

-Letting the current take you 

-Trying to get up and stand on your board 

-Balance your body towards the beach to guide yourself 

It does not sound all too bad until you finally try it. As the sunset approached, the waves became stronger, the water was a little colder, and people were trying to fit a last session of surfing in, which meant a good number of people were still at the beach. This meant that it was difficult to not accidentally crash into people. Having not so great hand- eye coordination, I unfortunately wiped out every time, with a couple of fortunate tries of standing, but it was incredibly fun all the same! It is always the instructor’s mission to have their students stand on a surfboard in the water and attempt to ride a wave to shore, and after many falls I finally succeeded! 

One thing I realized at Byron Bay was the surfing culture brought everyone together. My surfing instructor came to Australia from Germany and knew no one, except a love of surfing. And that was all he needed. It is an activity used to bring people from all parts of the world to speak one language: ride the water with your board. Surfers then typically hang out after over pizza to rant about how insane the thrill of surfing is! There is no competition, only support and a lot of great times and great opportunities to meet new friends. I definitely recommend riding the Australian waves with OZ Experience at least once in your life!

Byron Bay

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