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First stop… FIJI! Before our Working Holiday participants make way to their designated countries, BUNAC intern Andrew got the scoop on what our participants were thinking about only days before starting their year abroad. With their anticipation at an all time high, Andrew asked them about expectations, fears, stereotypes and plans they have for living in Australia or New Zealand. Coming from all over the US, it seems our participants really bonded with their craving to travel and explore the world!

The Interviewees:

Simon, 22 - Boston, Massachusetts, heading to New Zealand

Brock, 23 – Ohio, heading to New Zealand

Ross, 23 – Indianapolis, Indiana, heading to Australia

Stephanie, 21 – Palmdale, California, heading to New Zealand

Alan – Sacramento, Heading to Australia

Sarah, 22 - Random Lake, Wisconsin, Heading to New Zealand

What are you most nervous about?

Going to a city by myself – figuring it all out - Alan

Being on my own for the first time in a different country away from my family - Stephanie

Different culture – learning about the way they do things - Stephanie

Making enough money to live and survive - Sarah

Not knowing where to live. Finding a place. - Brock

Wasting opportunities. Do what you can do! Don’t miss out on anything - Simone

Getting a job, making money and balancing work and personal time - Ross

How did you hear about BUNAC?

Advisors at school - Sarah

By researching work visas in NZ - Simone

Googling backpacking trips - Brock

Through university advertising - Alan

One of my friends worked with BUNAC to work in Ireland and loved it - Ross

What kind of jobs do you think you’ll do?

Bartending - Simone

Woofing - Simone

Waiting tables - Brock

Sales/marketing - Ross

Front desk in hostel – Sarah

Fruit picking – Brock, Sarah

What are you most excited about?

Meeting Australian/New Zealand people - Ross

Bungee jumping – Stephanie, Sarah

Skydiving – Stephanie, Sarah

Zorbing - Stephanie

Zip lining - Stephanie

Exploring the natural beauty - Sarah

Having an accent to others - Alan

NZ people – I heard they’re really helpful and friendly – Stephanie, Simone, Brock

Clean/beautiful country - Simone

Green landscape - Simone

Skiing - Simone

Snowboarding - Brock

What are some stereotypes you’ve heard about Aussies and Nozzies?

Australians are mostly surfers - Ross

Chill mentality - Ross

They love American accents - Ross

The local New Zealand people super friendly, makes me more comfortable - Sarah

Any advice for future BUNACers?

Just go ahead and do it! You can make up as many excuses as you want… just make a plan and go for it. It’s super worth it - Sarah

Just do it! You’re around people with the same mentality. If you think about it too much you won’t do it and you’ll regret it - Ross

You’ll make friends everywhere you go! We’ve already met people our Fiji hostel. People from everywhere in the world are around you. Everyone is super friendly [when traveling abroad] and they will want to travel with you too! – Ross

Doesn’t matter where you’re from. You’ll have fun. - Alan

Full video blog to come!

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