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In three days and two nights, I spent my time with OZ Experience at Fraser Islands. With an early start of 8:00 am to 5:00pm, the activities were endless. From swimming in multiple lakes including the beautiful Lake Mackenzie to hiking trails, we spent our time looking over viewpoints such as the Indian Head, visiting an old rusted ship wreck, spotting some whale bones and a dingo and driving through the sandy trails along the beach.

Basin Lake Reflecting the Sky

Fraser island

Wanggoolba Creek: The Silent Creek 

Kookaburra Birds

Fraser Island

White Beech Trees 

Fraser Island

Champagne Pools Carved out from the Ocean

Fraser Island

Wild Dingo

Fraser Island

Maheno Shipwreck

Fraser Island

Indian Head Peak

Fraser Island was such a breathtaking place. With so much to see, OZ Experience recommends packing a bottle of water, a camera, swimmers (swim suit), and a sense of adventure, and you will leave with toal satisfaction. Complete with hikes and trails, swimming, and admiring this beautiful sand haven, a quick getaway to Fraser Island is definitely something worth bragging to your friends about!

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