City of Sails - A Traveler’s Guide to Auckland

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When arriving in Auckland, I was a bit worried and overwhelmed with such a large, international city. Not knowing where to begin is made the adventure fun and thrilling! I met heaps of travelers just like myself and was able to see quite a bit of this city. I composed my top destinations to visit when touring Auckland.

First, I began at the southern most tip of Auckland: The Viaducts. The easiest way to get there is to take the central road, Queens Street, all the way down until you reach the harbor. At the Viaducts, I encountered a plethora of places to explore including the Maritime Museum, a variety of cruises and boat trips, many restaurants and pubs, including my personal favorite, Provedor Pub and the Ferry Building, which makes for some great pictures along the water!

Queen Street is the “go to” to find a wide variety of different shops for clothing, electronics, dairies (a market for essentials), pubs and clubs, and so much more. I was surprised to see pedestrians crossing the street diagonally. With many hostels on Queen St., there are ample opportunities for young travelers to make new friends from different countries. Most of the hostels are located next to clubs and bars, which means there are more likely to have great deals on beverages and making beautiful memories all while exercising your social muscles!

Making my way north, I discovered a large park with tall, looming tribal wooden statues. It was incredibly scenic and beautiful, but very hilly, much like the layout of San Francisco, California. Passing through the park, I reached Auckland University, where students mill around, walking from class to class.

A mile or two north, you will arrive at Domain Park and the Wintergardens. Around this area is also the Auckland World War Memorial, with a beautiful overarching view of the city!

While at the Auckland War Memorial Museum, because I was high above the city, the scenic views were breathtaking, and my eyes reached not only the city, but the ocean and small islands in the distance. All it took was a bit of adventure and exploration to submerse myself in a beautiful city that is Auckland, New Zealand! 

Auckland War Memorial

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