The Many Benefits of Interning Abroad

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Looking for an internship? Might I suggest interning abroad through a program from City Internships? The benefits of working abroad are numerous and it won't just affect your career, but you might find it will have a positive impact on your life as well. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider an internship abroad!

1. Industry experience

“Job-seekers with international experience are more likely to be employed within six months of graduating AND have a higher average starting salary than other graduates”

– Gone International

The primary benefit of any internship is gaining valuable, hands-on work experience. The idea that interns only make tea and photocopying is outdated. Good employers realize the importance of tapping into fresh minds and trusting interns with challenging projects.

2. See the world and experience a new culture

Yes, interning in a new country or city is a big step, but it’s also a hugely positive one. You’ll be able to truly immerse yourself in the local culture and see and explore places that you wouldn’t be able to on a fleeting holiday.

3. Gain independence

“More than 80% of employers actively seek graduates that have spent time abroad as a student”

 – QS Global Employer Survey

Set out and make your own path! Embrace being able to do your own thing, try new activities and eat new foods, it’s down to you. The skills you gain as a result of your new-found freedom will stay with you forever.

4. Meet people from all over the world

That Spanish guy from down the hall may well end up to be one of your best friends, and how else would you have met him? Interning abroad is a great chance to meet like-minded people who are all in the same situation as you. You’ll stay in touch afterwards despite the distance, trust me.

5. Improve your language skills

What better way to improve your language skills than living and interning whilst surrounded by locals? You’ll speak the lingo perfectly by the end of your internship.

6. Networking opportunities

You’ll likely intern alongside a whole host of people who could help you in your future career, from fellow interns to industry leaders. Build relationships and keep in contact with your peers and you could be working with them again someday.

7. Become more employable

“60% of hiring managers around the world give extra credit to international student experience”

 – QS Global Employer Survey

All of the above will not only ensure you have a great time interning abroad but ultimately make you more employable. The skills you gain will be great for your CV and your experiences will be excellent talking points. Impress in your internship placement and if circumstances allow, you may be offered a job at your host company!

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