The Intern Group Blog: 8 Reasons You Have To Do An Internship In London in 2018

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With a new year, comes new resolutions for self growth and improvement. This year, travel the world while building your resume with our placement partner, The Intern Group. Here are 8 reasons why an internship in London needs to be at the top of your 2018 bucket-list. 

  • London has opportunities in every field. From Engineering, to Music and Theater, London offers something for everyone. If you’re looking to gain international work experience in your field while enjoying one of Europe’s most exciting cities, London is the place for you. 
  • The city is filled with history. Whether it’s enjoying the architecture on your walks from your flat to your internship, or going to explore a museum filled with remnants from the past, history is within easy reach in London. 
  • The music will inspire you. Political history aside, London is also famous for the impressionable bands and singers that make it big in this city. After a week of interning at your dream company, you can relax on a weekend by attending your favorite musician’s show.
  • There's always something free going on. Don’t let the expensive reputation fool you -- there’s always something free to do on a weekend in London. From concerts, to plays in the park, to art tours of the city, you’ll never not have something to do in your spare time outside of your internship.
  • The food is amazing. Known for being a melting pot city of different cultures and traditions, London has something for everyone’s taste palette. In fact, one of the national dishes is curry. 
  • It's a big year for the Royal Family. In case you haven’t heard, Prince Harry just proposed to Meghan Markle, making it the perfect time to intern abroad here to get the inside scoop about England’s favorite family first hand. 
  • You'll expand your networks. One of the biggest international hubs in the world, London is a prime place to intern abroad because of your ability to connect with people in your field. From your colleagues, to other professional development events, the opportunities to meet the right people are endless. 
  • You'll make lifelong friends from around the world. New friendships go hand in hand with an international internship in London. Like you, interns with The Intern Group come from all around the world with the same goals in mind. With the like-mindedness of being both travel and career oriented, you’ll easily make lifelong friends that you have a lot in common with.  people are endless. 

Check out The Intern Group on our Intern in Britain Placement page to learn more about interning abroad in London 2018. 

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