The Intern Group Blog: 7 advantages of living in London

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The Intern Group Blog: 7 Advantages of living in London

By: Elizabeth Trovall

London has so much to offer an eager and adventurous international intern. Here are just a few of the Intern Group's favorite advantages of living in London. 

  1. London is the definition of a capital city. Most major capital cities boast some degree of internationalism, but London takes it to another level. Over 300 different languages are spoken in London, while some 3 million of the city's residents (approximately 37%) are foreign-born. As so many of the city's residents boast cultural backgrounds, it's an amazing place to be a foreigner or to intern abroad. It's hard to feel out of place in such a diverse city.
  2. Affordable and convenient travel to all over Europe. A weekend trip to Lisbon or Rome doesn't have to break the bank when you're living in London. London's airspace is the busiest in the world, thanks to the eight airports located in the city and surrounding area. That means cheap flights are available to incredible cities all over Europe - especially through affordable airlines like EasyJet and RyanAir. 
  3. Excellent public transportation. London's extensive public transformation system makes intercity and intracity travel a breeze. The London Underground, or "the Tube", is the world's first underground railway and today offers 11 different lines and 270 different stations in the city and surrounding areas. Many different bus lines also run through the city in addition to above-ground trains. This convenient public transportation system makes exploring London's many sights, attractions and neighborhoods safe and easy.  
  4. You'll never be bored.  In London, there's never a dull moment. With a plethora of different music venues, theaters, cinemas, restaurants, cafes, shops, museums, parks and memorials, it would take decades to see everything London has to offer. It doesn't matter how obscure your tastes are, in London you'll always find a way to stay. 
  5. Diverse neighborhoods with so much to offer. London is a wonderful city to discover one neighborhood at a time. Interns can explore punk paradise Camden and browse through its unique shops or catch a street performance. In the elegant Notting Hill neighborhood, interns will see antiques galore on Portobello Road and get the chance to see the different boutiques and high-end restaurants the area offers. Meanwhile, interns will marvel at the gorgeous 17th and 18th century architecture in the historic area of Greenwich. 
  6. Food from around the world. Whether at food trucks, hole-in-the-wall eateries or gourmet restaurants, in London you can find diverse flavors and cuisines from all parts of the world. From the classic British fish and chips with mushy peas to authentic and full-flavored Indian dishes, there are so many delicious plates to taste in London. 
  7. Networking and professional development opportunities. London is one of the world's most important financial centers and a leading global city in a number of different industries including media, tourism, heath care, education, research, arts, entertainment, commerce and many others. Because of its international importance in so many different professional sectors, London attracts a highly competitive and diverse workforce. Working alongside the many established London professionals in your field will add to your competence, knowledge and grow your skillset as you prepare yourself for your career. Not to mention, you'll be able to establish life-long connections with accomplished London professionals in your field. 

Discover more of the advantages of living in London by doing an internship through the Intern Group. To find out more information visit our Placement Partners page, here. 

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