Our October Intern of the Month: Danielle Kleinman

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Meet wonderful Danielle. She applied to BUNAC's Intern in Britain program earlier this year, and is currently interning in London as a Student Advisor for American students studying abroad. Already she's learnt A LOT in a small amount of time. She chats to us about her job role, what she's learnt about her future career and how much she loves British public transport. (Aw, cheers Danielle!)

Tell us about your internship. Where have you been interning and what does your internship involve? 
I have been interning as an International Student Advisor for American students studying abroad in London. I help plan events for the students, deal with their concerns, and TA a course for them. 
Has the Intern in Britain experience been what you expected? If not, how has it been different?
It has been exactly what I expected for the most part, since we had a pretty lengthy training period back in the US, but things are always different in practice. I have really enjoyed it. 
What have you learnt whilst interning in the UK? 
I have learned so many skills in this role that I feel I can transfer to any future job that I can take on. Due to the heavy programming component, I have learned how to plan and correspond with vendors and manage a budget. I am also working on perfecting my punctuality!
What have you learnt about the industry you’ve been working in? 
I have never specifically worked with this age population before and they raise a whole different set of concerns and questions! 
How has interning abroad enriched your future lifestyle and career? 
It has absolutely made me want to continue exploring other cities abroad or even consider a job abroad!

Have you done some travelling in the UK during your internship? Where has been your favourite city or place that you've been to and why?

I have only been to Brighton and Oxford thus far but I absolutely fell in love with Oxford. I've never seen so much gorgeous architecture back to back!

What cultural differences between the UK and your home country have you found the most surprising or strange? 
I am still adjusting to people asking me if “I’m alright”? In the US that implies that you look unwell in some way! 
If you could take a bit of British culture back to your home country (e.g. food or drink, mannerisms, phrases) what would it be and why? 
There are so many things that the Brits do that make more sense! Your public transportation is fantastic, the tube is cleaner, buses are easy and cabs are much roomier. 
What words of encouragement would you say to people who are unsure about doing the Intern in Britain programme? 
I have had the greatest experience as an Intern in Britain and I would highly encourage it to anyone. It's been such a great learning curve, I'll never forget it. Thanks so much BUNAC!

If you fancy leaping into a city lifestyle as an Intern in Britain like Danielle, we promise it'll be the best decision you'll make for a long time. You'll gain invaluable skills for your future career, lifelong friendships, essential networks and, if that's not all, memories to take home with you. It's also a pretty amazing way to stand out from the crowd of candidates applying to jobs come graduation! Get ready resume, you're about to get ten times better. 

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