Our November Intern of the Month: Colleen Luibrand

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Say hey to Colleen Luibrand! She embarked all aboard BUNAC's Intern in Britain programme earlier this year as part of her College course at North Eastern University. Now she's the incredible intern at the Foundation of International Education in the London (or the Big Smoke as the locals call it!) where she helps other students settle in the city. She chats to us about her experience interning in Britain so far, and how she's not quite used to Brits saying "are you alright?" as a casual greeting. Yeah - we do that!

1) Tell us about your internship. Where have you been interning and what does your internship involve? 
I am interning with the North Eastern Progam. I have a combination of roles including program planning, contacting vendors, being a Teaching Assistant, Resident Assistant duties, and being a mentor to students. 
2) Has the Intern in Britain experience been what you expected? If not, how has it been different? 
It's exactly what I expected and more. I have loved my experience so far! 
3) What have you learnt whilst interning in the UK? 
I have learnt time management and greatly improved my communication skills. I also have learned a lot whilst exploring London during free time. 
4) What have you learnt about the industry you’ve been working in?
You always have to be on point while working in Reslife (lingo meaning residence life) and with students
5) How has interning abroad enriched your future lifestyle and career? 
It’s helped me to be a more globally aware student. I have also improved my public speaking skills whilst being a Teaching Assistant. 
6) Have you done some travelling in the UK during your internship? Where has been your favourite city or place that you’ve been to and why? 
I went to Oxford and absolutely adored it! I plan on travelling to Cardiff, Edinburgh and hopefully other UK gems! 
7) What cultural differences between the UK and the USA have you found the most surprising or strange? 
When a British person asks “are you alright?” meaning “how are you?” it always catches me off-guard. 
8) If you could take a bit of British culture back to the USA (e.g. food or drink, mannerisms, phrases) what would it be and why? 
Fish and chips all the way! So yummy!
9) What words of encouragement would you say to people who are unsure about doing the Intern in Britain programme? 
Do it! Not only is it a great experience for professional development, but also personal development living/exploring abroad. 
10) Finally – what are you going to do next? 
Finish College! And maybe go abroad again sometime before I graduate! Thanks for an awesome experience BUNAC! 

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