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Meet our brilliant Intern in Britain Intern of the Week, L'Emir! He is currently interning in his dream field of video production and is already getting stuck in to London life. L'Emir chats to us all about his role and future career, as well as offering advice to those thinking of interning abroad.

Tell us about your internship. Where have you been interning and what does your internship involve?

I am interning at a stock footage/video production company called ReeldealHD. The internship involves helping in the planning and production of project end shoots, editing clips and storyboarding.

Has the Intern in Britain experience been what you expected? If not, how has it been different?

Yes, it has and is still a very exciting experience. I am learning so much about the craft of film production every single day.

What have you learnt whilst interning in the UK?

I have learned to think about the final product and the consumer's desires before starting a project or shoot, and tailoring the final product to the client. I have learned a lot about colour texturing and the editing of short films.

What have you learnt about the industry you’ve been working in?

I have learned that great production requires a great amount of planning and that team work is essential inthe success of any project or company.

How has interning abroad enriched your future lifestyle and career?

Interning abroad has enriched my lifestyle and future career in many ways. I have made friendships and contacts that have introduced me to new opportunities and experiences.

Have you done some travelling in the UK during your internship? Where has been your favorite city or place that you've been to and why?

Not a lot, but I have experienced different parts of London and its outskirts, such as Sutton and the countryside. London still fascinates me with its history and renowned landmarks.

What cultural differences between the UK and your home country have you found most surprising or strange?

People over here are so polite. I now say 'sorry' many times a day like a true British person!

If you could take a bit of British culture back home (e.g. food or drink, mannerisms, phrases), what would it be and why?

I love the variety of food here in London, there are so many delicacies. I'd take it all back with me if I could.

What words of encouragement would you say to people who are unsure about doing the Intern in Britain program?

I would tell them to take a leap of faith and intern in Britain because it will be without a doubt be a lifechanging experience.

Finally – what are you going to do next?

I would love to move here permanently in the future because I love this country. I want to embark on challenges that test me creatively and personally.

If you fancy leaping into a city lifestyle as an Intern in Britain like L'Emir, we promise it to be one of the best decisions you can make. You will gain invaluable skills for your future career, lifelong friendships, essential networks and, if that's not all, memories to take home with you. It's also a pretty amazing way to stand out from the crowd of candidates applying to jobs come graduation! Get ready résumé, you're about to get ten times better.

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