Nine reasons to intern in London in your 20s

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Oh hey millennials - London’s calling (and you really don’t want to keep her waiting). This competitive, multicultural European city has so much to offer a twenty-something looking to boost their career and gain international professional experience. Be part of a bustling, international metropolis while you’re young with an internship abroad in London through The Intern Group. There’s so much to see and explore, you may just have to come back in your 30s. 

9 reasons to intern in London in your 20s

1) The iconic buildings

St. Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben and the London Eye are all classic London structures no intern can go without seeing. Twenty-somethings will love wandering about and taking in the different architecture that defines the city. From the neo-futuristic Gherkin to Battersea Power Station, there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget your phone - your Instagram feed’s going to blow up after capturing all of these amazing sights. 

2) Hip cafes at every corner

What kind of millennial doesn’t love a trendy coffee shop? Exactly. London’s got tons of them - some with highly unique concepts, such as the repurposed public bathroom now coffee shop called Attendant. The coffee drinking and brewing community has a very large and diverse home in London. However an intern abroad cannot just focus on a cup of joe. Tea drinking is an important English tradition still significant today. So “put the kettle on” and enjoy a “cuppa”.

3) The professional opportunities

There’s no better place to launch your career than in a competitive city like London where professionals come to work from all over the world. There are so many different industries and businesses of all sizes within the city, not to mention, London is a global financial capital. Of all the Fortune 500 companies, some 75% have offices in the city.

4) The unparalleled music scene 

Bringing in the best acts from around the world, London has so much to offer music fans. From tiny venues featuring talented, obscure indie bands, to the gigantic Wembley Arena where performers like Beyoncé take the stage, you can see just about any type of musical act in London on any given night. It’s no surprise that London hosts over 17,000 musical performances and over 250 festivals throughout the year. Out of all of these fabulous events, the Notting Hill Carnival is in a league of its own. It’s Europe’s biggest street festival, attracting visitors from around the world. 

5) The fabulous West End 

Theater fans will really be at home in London. Not only is it where world-famous playwright, William Shakespeare made a name for himself, but the city’s famed theater district continues to crank out wonderful works each year. Artsy interns will have a ball exploring all of the fabulous works London's West End has to offer. These mainstream professional shows, located in “Theaterland”, feature the UK’s best actors. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Les Misérables and Phantom of the Opera are famous examples of the West End’s longest-running, spectacular shows. Besides the plays and musicals, The West End is also ideal for a good stroll, with beautiful squares and lively circuses. 

6) It’s a blast from the past

London is truly a city of history. The city’s four World Heritage sites will take interns back to a different time. The reproduction of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater is another impressive homage to the city’s rich cultural history. Also capturing the region’s rich history are its many museums. London has over 240 of them! The British Museum, one of the world’s oldest museums, cannot be missed (it’s got the Rosetta Stone!). 

7) Art is everywhere

London’s many art museums, galleries and cultural spaces will make an art-loving intern giddy with excitement. The Tate Modern is one of the best places in the world to view contemporary and modern art, with memorable world-class exhibitions coming through constantly. For Britain's best decorative arts, the V&A has so much to offer. In terms of galleries, there are a several dozen wonderful spaces scattered about the city - each offering a little something different.

8) The royalty 

The international obsession with English royalty has only grown since Kate and William sprouted a new member of the royal family - Princess Charlotte. Whether or not you follow the royal family in the news, there is no denying the global historic and cultural importance of the monarchy. You may feel more like a peasant than a queen while touring the palaces London has to offer, but it’s still incredible to imagine the lives of kings and queens of England’s past. 

9) The soccer… AHEM… football

Football fans will love London. Six Premier League clubs are based in the city, along with another 80 amateur leagues. There’s always some football action going on somewhere in town. In addition to seeing a match, there are also stadium tours and museums at several professional clubs open to tourists. Chelsea FC has the largest football museum in London.

Whether you’re crazy about The Beatles, Shakespeare or Arsenal FC, London has something for you. Launch your career while immersing yourself in English culture by interning abroad through The Intern Group and don't forget to look into our own Intern in Britain program while you're at it! 

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