Check in with Troy: Interning in London with STA Travel

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Say hello to Troy. Last month he won our Intern in Britain competition. In his first blog here, Troy introduced himself and told us what it was like arriving in London for the first time (prior to that, he'd never traveled outside of the USA). Now a month into his central London internship, we catch up with him to find out about his internship so far at the world's leading student travel company - STA Travel. Troy, without further ado! 

Check in with Troy: Interning in London with STA Travel

1) Hey Troy, good to see you again. Tell us about how your internship is going!

I’m a Marketing Intern at STA Travel and being based in Central London is really exciting! So far I have been creating digital media content which we then share to our targeted audiences. I’ve also been able to spend some time looking at Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization which is super interesting, as well as working closely with the Content Team.

2) What's your commute to work like? 

My commute is very nice, it’s just 30 minutes on the Tube from Russell Square. I love how well the Tube works in the city, it’s much simpler than the Metro in Washington D.C. Also, I am close enough that I can walk back from work on a nice day. Walking through Hyde Park is a beautiful way to end the work day.

3) Describe your go-to work attire.

I usually wear leather shoes with nice pants and a polo shirt, fortunately the office is pretty casual. Other days I may dress a little nicer with a dress shirt or even more casual by wearing a Henley shirt.

4) What do you love most about your office so far?

I enjoy how the office is rather casual and it has a great energy. Sometimes there will be music playing, someone will have brought in snacks, and it just makes for an enjoyable day. Every lunch break we head down to a park which is really refreshing.

5) Have you done some traveling in the UK during your internship? Where has been your favorite city or place that you've been to so far and why?

I've explored two places so far. First, in London where I'm based most the time and there is so much to see and do! Last week I visited Notting Hill and Shoreditch which was great fun. Notting Hill has some beautiful areas and is really eye opening to London's multiculturalism. I also traveled up to north to Scotland and saw the Isle of Skye, which was absolutely incredible. I'll never forget it. With the rest of my adventure ahead of me, I hope to travel a lot more.

Stay tuned with Troy's internship and travels in his next blog. In the meantime, feel inspired? Start your Intern in Britain program now.

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