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Dear Londoners, we know how much you love a) being blanked on the Tube, b) the crowds, and c) overpriced artisan coffee; but we’re writing to inform you that there’s a whole new world out there! And you only need a day to see it. We anxiously await your visit - your friends, everyone outside of London. 


Crescents of honey-colored Georgian houses, beautifully-preserved Roman baths, regency tearooms and Jane Austen gentility… visiting Bath is like a masterclass in over 2,000 years of history.

Don’t miss: England’s most elegant architecture at the Royal Crescent and Mr Darcy moments among the lakes and bridges of grand Prior Park.

Time from London: 1 hr 30 min by train. 

Warwick Castle

Hands up if you want to see jousting matches in a 1,000-year old castle? Built in 1068, Warwick Castle is like a medieval theme park for would-be knights and distressed damsels with a Horrible Histories maze, dungeons and waxworks.

Don’t miss: Walks along the banks of the Avon.

Time from London: 1hr 20 min by train. 

GoSkydive, Salisbury

From London’s underground to 2.8 miles above ground, welcome to our wildcard London escape. The UK’s only specialist tandem skydiving centre, freefall for 60 seconds at 125mph over Wiltshire’s prehistoric landscapes, patchwork fields and the 2,500-year old Iron Age Hill Fort. It’s also only 15 minutes from Stonehenge, so two birds, one Stonehenge? Fr £259

Time from London: 2hr drive.


“My kingdom for a Horse!” and cue all other Shakespeare one-liners. The birthplace of the Bard, Shakespeare and Stratford go hand in hand. However, when you’re not misquoting the world’s most famous playwright, explore pub-lined Tudor streets, Anne Hathaway’s House and the Holy Trinity Church.

Don’t miss: More bass and less Bard, see another side to Stratford at the annual Global Gathering EDM festival.

Time from London: 2hrs by train. 


Darwin studied worms here; the Wizard Merlin apparently carried the stones here; and ancient space aliens may have landed here. Whatever the story, England’s mot iconic architectural site has mystified visitors for over 5,000 years. Pre-dating even the Pyramids, this is one of the most important Neolithic monuments in the world. And the only way to find answers is to visit it.

Time from London: 2hr drive.

Windsor Castle

Circling above Windsor’s quaint cobblestone streets, Windsor Castle has been home to the British Royal Family for over 900 years, making it the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world.

Don’t miss: Escaping the crowds for a quintessential English afternoon, hiring a boat on the Thames and picnicking in meadows.

Time from London: 50min by train.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Attention all wannabe wizards and witches! (So everyone then). Live the magic of Harry Potter at the world-famous Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. Walk down Diagon Alley™, visit Dumbledore’s office, step onto Platform 9 and 3/4, ride a broomstick against the green screen and drink a Butterbeer. Includes a return transport from London on a double-decker bus (that even shows Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone onboard!) Fr £69

Time from London: 1hr by train.

Blenheim Palace

Set among lakes, water terraces and miles of sweeping parkland in the Oxfordshire countryside, this Baroque masterpiece is a UNESCO-listed site. The home of the Duke and Duchess of Malborough, it’s also the only non-royal country house to hold the title of palace.

Don’t miss: Exploring the cute neighboring market town of Woodstock.

Time from London: 1hr 30 min drive, or the same by train and bus. 


Thatched-roof honeysuckle cottages, babbling brooks, riverside meadows and fat Jersey cows hanging over five-bar gates… are you picturing every rural English stereotype yet? Good. Now welcome to the Cotswold.

Don’t miss: Quaint golden villages and Bridget Jones, The Holiday and Harry Potter filming spots.

Time from London: 1hr by car. 

Leeds Castle

Firstly, Leeds Castle is not in Leeds, but in Kent. Secondly, surrounded by lakes and romantic green parkland, it’s considered to be one of the loveliest castles in the world. And finally, its last Lady was something of a raver and JFK apparently partied here.

Time from London: 1hr 30min by train.


Home to England’s finest cathedral and UNESCO World Heritage Site, pilgrims have been visiting Canterbury for centuries. Four reasons why you should too: Ancient Roman walls, tangled medieval alleyways, riverside garden strolls and a thriving student nightlife.

Time from London: 50min by train

Don’t miss: The golden sands, colorful beach huts, oyster shacks and fish and chip cobbles of Whitstable and Herne Bay. 

Hampton Court Palace

Technically in London, we do have good reason for cheating. Putting our necks firmly on the line (brave thing to do when discussing Henry VIII’s pad) we think this is England’s finest palace. Discover acres of riverside gardens, a world-famous maze. Vineyard and resident ghosts thanks to Henry VIII’s wife-swapping (killing) antics.

Don’t miss: Walking there along the idyllic Thames Path from Kingston or Richmond.

Time from London: Zone 6. 

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