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Chicagoan David Huante was the proud winner of BUNAC's Intern in Britain Scholarship last year, and he is currently living the London dream. We've had a nice little catch up with him about his time in the UK! This is only part one, so keep your eyes peeled for a follow up on how being an Intern in Britain will be the best adventure you can experience.

So David, tell us a bit about your internship in London.

I am the Regional Commercial Operations Intern at MediaMath. Essentially, I serve as platform support for internal team members across the offices in Europe, Asia and sometimes the US. It has been an incredible learning experience and one that I have been very fortunate to find myself a part of, especially within my first year of graduating from university.


What do you love most about the UK?

I have spent most of my time in London specifically. To that point, I would say the music scene is absolutely incredible! I’ve been able to see some of my favorite artists in just my first two months of being here – London is definitely a hot spot for music. In respect to the UK as a whole, the fact that most places are just a train ride away is pretty fantastic. Since the UK has so much history, there are some incredible places with incredible views, sights, and people. 


We're glad you're enjoying yourself! Has the UK surprised you in any way?

Again, this is coming from a London-centric experience, but it isn’t as grey and rainy as everybody says it is – honestly! Granted, I arrived in March so I’m sure the worst of winter was already in the past. Most afternoons are quite beautiful and thriving with people gathered outside pubs and shopping areas. The super casual pub culture in itself is also pretty neat!


Let's go back a few steps, how did you find out about BUNAC and the Intern in Britain program?

I actually studied abroad in London two years ago. Ever since leaving London in June 2015, I always wanted to find a way to return. I had absolutely no idea what checklist was associated with moving out to London to work, so I had to do a bit of research. It seemed like it would be a very arduous and almost impossible thing to organize on my own. Eventually, I came across BUNAC and knew that it would be an incredible opportunity to pursue. I am SO glad that I did!


Yay! And how did you find the process of applying for your visa, sourcing your internship and all other aspects of the Intern in Britain program?

After familiarizing myself with the process and the scholarship, the next step was to secure a few things: accommodation, flight, visa, and of course the internship. I’m not going to lie - all of this was incredibly overwhelming at first considering I didn’t know where to start or how quickly I would be able to secure my arrival. Fortunately, the BUNAC team helped me in each and every one of these areas. They were reliable in replying to some of my most frantic e-mails and did all that they could to aid my progress. 
The toughest part of the process was definitely securing the actual internship. I would highly suggest making use of the resources to help find an internship for you. I decided to go about it independently and found a number of blockers due to securing a point of contact, the time difference, and individuals being out of office. By a stroke of luck, I had just secured an internship in MediaMath’s Chicago office in October of 2016. After realizing that MediaMath had an office in London as well, I had a discussion with my amazing boss, Mandi, and she was nothing but encouraging for my abroad endeavors. Bing. Bang. Boom. I was able to extend my internship and join the London office with my Tier 5 Visa! Overall the process was definitely no piece of cake and it demanded consistent communication and diligence, but I am beyond proud of the way everything worked out.

You can read more about David's experiences on his next blog, which will include his European travel plans, top tips for an American moving to London and London's coolest bars! How do you fancy boosting resume and setting yourself apart in today's job market by Interning in Britain for up to six months? Your most worthwhile experience is just a call or a click away.

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