IES Abroad: 11 Signs You Should Get an Internship in London This Summer

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See if you’ve experienced any of these 11 Signs You Should Get an Internship in London This Summer and then apply for a full-time London IES Internship. Find out more information about IES Abroad on our Placement Partner companies page.

11 Signs You Should Get an Internship in London this Summer

You know you need an internship—why not intern abroad? London is a great option if you are looking to live, learn, and intern in a culture different from your own without knowing another language.
London’s calling—are you ready to get the work experience you need to succeed across the pond? If you answer “yes” to any of the 11 signs below, start packing your bags!

1. You have always liked tea better than coffee, anyway. And not just a cup of tea - a full pot, tea cakes and sandwiches, scones and clotted cream - a full afternoon tea. 

2. You recognize that a summer internship in London will be a great addition on a CV (or a one-page résumé - we can help with that.) 

3. You think single-story buses are wholly inefficient. You live for the upper deck to really take in the sights. 

4. You know the bridge in all the photos is Tower Bridge, not London Bridge. And you intend to cross it every day on your commute, whether it's on the way or not. 

5. Your body clock is already set to Greenwich Mean Time. Now, for eight full weeks, you can operate in the same time zone as everybody else on GMT. 

6. You can appreciate that London is a, if not THE, financial capital of the world, so where better to get a business internship?

7. You love to explore new neighborhoods—grab your Oyster card so you can get around on the Tube, bus, or trains to explore London’s coolest areas, like Shoreditch, Greenwich, and Notting Hill.

8. You actually understand (and enjoy reading) Shakespeare and fully intend to visit the Globe Theatre (and this mural). 

9. You think taking the Tube seems much more sophisticated than your daily walk across campus. 

10. You have always been a fan of savory puddings and blood sausage and are excited to enjoy them without the judgement of your friends back home.   

11. You're excited that soon-to-be royal Meghan Markle is an IES Abroad alum, and that she’ll be spending more and more time in London, so maybe, just maybe, you’ll become BFFs. 

If one or more of these sound like you, an IES internship in London is your perfect match! Apply by Friday, February 9th, to secure your spot for Summer 2018. Find out more about IES Abroad on our Placement Partner Companies page.

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