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Shaun, who recently finished his internship in Scotland via our Intern in Britain program, reflects on the time he spent abroad and shares with us some parting thoughts as he gets ready to return home.

Finally standing in the breezy air after sitting on probably the longest flight of my life, I couldn’t explain to you the mixture of feelings I had. I couldn’t believe I was in Scotland. Just a couple months ago it seemed like a dream too far away. But it was now my reality and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

I was offered the opportunity to intern at the Scottish Parliament and the experience has proved to be invaluable. Not only am I actually learning about and engaging with politics, but I am becoming more exposed to the world and receiving an experience that will set me apart from the rest of the pack on my resume. I was unsure on how the internship was going to work, what kinds of work was I going to be doing, if I was going to prove that I was an actual asset to my MSP, things of this sort. Soon I realized that I was more than capable of performing the duties outlined for me. I had an excellent team around me that guided and supported me throughout the internship and it became a pleasure to see the press releases I drafted in the local newspaper the next day. 

Not only did I have a great internship experience, but I also had the opportunity of traveling around the United Kingdom and visiting the other countries for a weekend trip. It was so easy to just get up and go somewhere. I spent a weekend in Belfast, which quickly became my favorite place I visited. I also spent weekends around Scotland, visiting popular hiking points and attending football games. I didn’t think I was going to make that many foreign friends, but once you go out, you’re a magnet for friends. It was so easy to talk to strangers that ended up becoming my best friends of the night. 

I’m almost to the point of the end of my study abroad experience and its becoming bitter. Although I miss home, I know that I’m going to miss Scotland a lot more. I want to keep pushing my return flight so that I can just stay here and continue exploring. This has proved to be the most rewarding experience of my life so far and one day, I’ll be back.

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