City Internships: The 5 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Experimental Education This Summer

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City Internships is a BUNAC Placement Partner for the Intern in Britain program. CI’s mission is to empower young people to secure rewarding, lucrative careers that enable them to choose a lifestyle, rather than chase one. Their summer programs include an internship, workshops, seminars, networking events, Q&A panels and weekend trips.

City Internships' '5 Reasons why you should pursue experimental education this summer'

By Alex Townley

The summer internship you’ve worked so hard to secure feel like finding the golden ticket but how can you know you’ve secured yourself the best one possible? City Internships have given their top five reasons why pursuing an experiential education experience this summer with them will land you the position that sends you in the right dream career direction. 

1. Career Direction

To begin with, you need great work experience. Securing an internship that hasn’t been vetted is always a gamble: you don’t want to spend your time making coffee or running errands. Working with an experiential education program and placement company, you’ll land an internship with a leading employer that’s designed to help you to discover your career path. 

Pro tip: Keep an intern diary and set yourself three goals for your internship. By giving yourself targets and skills to learn, and keeping a log of your experiences, your next interview will be a breeze.

2. Broadened Horizons

With the opportunity to get real-world experience in a new city, whether you choose to study away or study abroad, you’ll be subject to new experiences. Employers look for academic achievement, a relevant internship (or job) and evidence of leadership or going the extra mile. Time spent establishing yourself in a new city or country isn’t easy and will help you to stand out.

Pro tip: Step out of your shell and introduce yourself to new people. You’ll find that your new friends are all in the same boat as you.

3. Opportunity to travel

Wouldn’t it be great if we could spend years traveling the world? Financial restraints aside, this won’t make you very employable. But employers do recognize the benefits in seeing a new part of the world and, as the old cliché goes, finding yourself. Joining an experiential education program that gives you the work experience you need and allows you to travel? Perfect.

Pro tip: Plan ahead. Get your hands on a Lonely Planet book and write a list of your must-visits. When you’re in the moment, time will fly by and it’ll all be over before you know it. Make sure you get everything out of it you want to.

4. Mentorship and support

Guidance from mentors and coaches, both at your internship and from your program’s career coaches, can be comforting and help you to push through barriers. Candid feedback, although not always exactly what you want to hear, is critical to your skill development. Matched with a custom roadmap to help you achieve your career goals and you’re already on the path to success. 

Pro tip: Set yourself up with a five-year career-plan. You’ll almost always be asked this in interview, and with a plan you know whether you’re on track.

5. Professional Network

One of the main benefits of your time at university is the network of friends that you grow. To get ahead in the working world, you need a strong network of friends, mentors and experienced professionals. An experiential education program is a great way to make new friends and grow your network, giving you the head-start that you need.

Pro tip: Update your LinkedIn profile and add everyone that you meet in a professional capacity. You never know when you might need to ask for a reference or find the name of a hiring manager to make your job application stand out. 

A dream Intern in Britain internship in a dream, well-connected location. City Internships will help you with your internship every step of the way so you can focus on the career development and exploration to come! Find them on our Placement Partners page and click through to their website to see the opportunities they offer. 

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