Catching up with Troy: Loving London-living

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After winning our Intern in Britain competition and flying across the Atlantic ocean with a head full of wanderlust, Troy landed in London (and procceeded to fist-punch the air). Fast-forward a month, Troy has learnt A LOT. From his insightful internship at the world's largest student travel agency STA Travel, (learn more about it on his blog here), to living just 5 minutes from Russell Square in Central London, he's accumulated a wealth of knowledge: practical industry experience and experience of living in one of the world's most famous cities... Can life get any better for Troy?

Catching up with Troy: Loving London-Living

Troy it's great to catch up with you again, this time talking about good ol' London. What have you noticed most about living in the UK capital? 

So much! Living in London is quite the change from living on a horse farm in Virginia. The quiet green space on my farm has been replaced by huge glass buildings and busy streets. Instead of seeing horses walking around now I see funny-looking taxis and huge red buses. The first couple of days I was just in awe, everything was new, and so different. I felt like I was in a movie, seeing these super famous landmarks I'd only ever seen on TV. After a while I learned my way around pretty quickly, and finally felt comfortable crossing the street. The Tube is also helpful, it reminds me of the metro back in D.C but just a little bit easier to use! 

How are you handling British money? 

Well, the conversion rate is about 1.4 USD to 1 British pound - ouch! I have just been using my debit or credit card for most of my purchases because there are no abroad fees. I do carry some cash on me for random purchases at markets/small stores. 

Have you been keeping in contact with your family at home? Are they jealous of your travels? 

Yes, very, very jealous. I have a lot of contact with my family. I use SnapChat while on wifi the most. This way I can FaceTime, message them, or send pictures. It works perfectly. I did buy a SIM card at a store near my house which was helpful for keeping up with other London friends. For everything else, I usually use wifi-based methods for a lot of my communication. There are so many shops and public areas in London that have free wifi, so it's very easy to access. 

How did you prepare to pack for your trip? 

I tried to pack as light as possible for this trip, because it just makes things much simpler. Also in case I buy some goodies I will have room in my bags for the way back. I try to organize what I will wear the next day the night before so I can leave pretty quickly in the morning. I usually bring my backpack everywhere that has my essentials inside. 

What's your accommodation like? 

I am staying in the International Hall in Russell Square. I am about a 2 minute walk from the Russell Square Tube station which is extremely convenient. The Hall includes a continental breakfast which is a great way to start the day. I usually make a sandwich to go while I am there so I can have a lunch while I am at work. A nice big window in my room helps me wake up in the morning, and has a nice view of the garden across the street. I couldn’t imagine a better location and place to stay.

What else have you been up to in your spare time? Traveling, we're guessing...

Of course! There are literally endless activities to do in London, it's impossible to be bored here. I have met some friends that live in my dorm and we go to markets and such on the weekends, as well as some pubs/bars at night. I have traveled up to Scotland for a weekend which was amazing, and recently went to Bath. I also try to check out the museums, my favorites so far are the Science Museum, Natural History, and the Imperial War Museum. Sometimes it is just nice to take my time and walk back from work, walking right through Hyde Park on a sunny day is a nice break from the bustling streets. I also try to stay active and I have enjoyed going for runs around the city, I have found a local park that has a nice outdoor workout setup. Whatever it is I am sure to spend my free time doing something enjoyable. 

Thanks for stopping by once again, Troy. Keep exploring London and love every second. Watch this space to find out more of Troy's adventures on Intern in Britain and his travels beyond. In the meantime, why not start your own Intern in Britain application and set up home in London just like Troy? Find out more about how to apply to the program and get inspired with BUNAC. You won't regret it. 

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