Alican's Ultimate Adventures Interning in London

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Meet Alican - he's our fantastic Intern in Britain Ultimate participant! Hailing from Turkey, he is currently a few weeks into his professional internship in London. We've caught up with him as he settles into his new life abroad.

Interning in London

Hey Alican! Tell us, how did you find the BUNAC process and service, from signing up, the assistance provided, to the communication leading up to your internship?

BUNAC’s process and service were very professional and fast. BUNAC are always here to assist you via phone and email. In my instance, sourcing my placement and getting to the UK was extremely fast due to BUNAC’s professional service.

What were your initial thoughts on the company you are currently interning with?

My initial thoughts were very positive. The company I am interning for is in the centre of the city and has the international and social atmosphere of London.

Were your expectations met when starting your placement?

Yes, definitely. BUNAC’s networks and reputation are professional and successful. My current place of work has exceeded my expectations and I feel like a part of the team, utilizing all my professional skills.

What are your main tasks and what are the highlights of your internship?

My main tasks are to conduct research on new partners worldwide for eOffice and get in contact with potential partners. In addition, I make phone calls organizing meetings with potential partners and I also produce many other marketing related activities for the company.

What advice would you give to someone considering taking part in BUNAC’s Intern in Britain Ultimate program?

I would advise them to take an internship in London! It is one of the most important and renowned centres of the world and completing a professional placement opportunity in London is very important. Generally, people prefer to do their masters in London and they pay enormous amounts for these programs. Because you gain a professional experience completing the Intern in Britain Ultimate program, this experience will affect your resume in a very positive way and also is less costly than a masters program. In addition, it is a great way to join London’s professional environment and establish many different networks and opportunities.

Will you do any traveling in Great Britain/Europe while you are here?

I have several plans for Great Britain and Europe. Because it is not expensive to visit Europe from London and also is very close to many European capitals. I would like to also say that in Great Britain there are also many beautiful places. London is not the single place to see in Great Britain.

If you fancy leaping into a city lifestyle as an Intern in Britain like Alican, we promise it to be one of the best decisions you can make. You will gain invaluable skills for your future career, lifelong friendships, essential networks and, if that's not all, memories to take home with you. It's also a pretty amazing way to stand out from the crowd of candidates applying to jobs come graduation. Apply today!

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