A Vira International Blog: See Tier 5 Through My Eyes

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Vira International are a BUNAC Placement Partner for the Intern in Britain program. Founded in 1970, the team at Vira are experts in delivering high quality internships in the hospitality industry for Indian nationals in top UK based companies. Their client base ranges from hotels and resorts to restaurant chains and fast food joints, including Hilton Hotels and Costa Coffee, and now they've expanded to have their own London office in Harrow. 

A Vira International Blog: See Tier 5 through my eyes

There are many clichés about what it would be like to come and intern here in the UK, it's cold most of the year and when it’s not it gets way too hot to handle, its a busy place filled with exciting new opportunities, London especially is packed full of moving bodies.

After having studied an MBA in Bristol, coming to work in London was incredibly thrilling, honestly, I am not going to lie I was not sure to what to expect. I visualized working in a job like they have in the movies but to be realistic working in London even though it is filled with development possibilities for an international student you better get ready to memorize the public transport system otherwise you might get lost. 

Working for such a diverse company gave me the abilities and skills needed to not only put my studies into practice but to also think on my feet and realize that there is much more to working life than I imagined. Don’t get me wrong it has its ups and downs but ultimately this was the best decision I could’ve made for my present life and my upcoming future.

In this internship I have gained experience in many different areas, even areas I was not expecting to experience, but it has given me such promise and such vitality for going on to develop and improve myself. I got to learn a lot about not just the nitty gritty business company life but also about people and about interactions and relationships. It has been fascinating getting to know the different kinds of people in the world and their backgrounds and it has allowed me to find myself, find my confidence and find my courage. 

Not everything has been perfect but let me now tell you something, this has been such a positive challenge. It has been tough and it has pushed me to accept my failures and my downfalls and to counteract them with positivity and success. It has been of such magnificent benefit being able to work with a company that builds upon my skills and also caters to the strengths whilst also addressing the weaknesses. 

I have been incredibly privileged to have been placed into a company where I can thrive and I feel like this is all down to Vira International and how they catered to my preferences and how they listened to what I had to say when I was looking for an internship. They didn’t just put me in a corner and get on with things, they involved me in every single step of the process and they took on my feedback as to what kind of internship I was looking for.

This internship has helped me in my professional and personal growth throughout the year and I am completely ready and prepared to ace another professional adventure in the future - all Thanks to BUNAC's UK tier 5 internship program and Vira International Ltd.

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