A CRCC Asia Blog: Why we're excited about our internship opportunities in Manchester

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CRCC Asia are a BUNAC Placement Partner for the Intern in Britain program. The CRCC team are passionate about delivering you the best international internship possible. They truly believe their Manchester internship program is a unique opportunity to gain valuable professional experience in one of the liveliest and most dynamic destinations in the UK - and we at BUNAC believe it too. 

A CRCC Asia Blog: Here's Why We're Excited About Our Internship Opportunities Available in Manchester

by CRCC Asia

We have been running a series of Facebook Live events on the CRCC Asia Facebook page about our new Manchester program this summer - remember the deadlines are 6 & 12 March - so apply ASAP!

Watch the sessions to hear from:

  • CRCC Director - Edward Holroyd Pearce
  • Manchester Program Manager - Dom Palazzolo
  • UK Admissions Manager (and real-life Mancunian!) - Chris Wearden

Here's why they are excited about our internship opportunities available in Manchester.

Professional Opportunities 

Professional experience can be divided into two categories; transferable skills and industry specific skills. We aim to pack as much professional and personal development into your summer with us as possible. The advantage of running the program in Manchester is that the generally more laid-back lifestyle allows people more time for each other.  This translates into your internship as you will have more of an opportunity to learn from your experiences and your supervisors.  On our program, your manager will have more time to dedicate to your professional development and your team will be able to support you too, ensuring that you get the most out of this experience which perhaps you wouldn’t have so much exposure to in other cities.  

Manchester is actively working to differentiate themselves from other major cities, making them a more valuable option for more countries around the World.  With contracts becoming more global and more available to bid for from other countries, it’s useful to understand foreign business culture as it can be of huge value to business relationships and transactions.  These are the experiences that can really help you leverage yourself against the competition for future job and grad school applications.  

Cultural and Social Opportunities 

During your down time, Manchester offers a wealth of unmissable opportunities and we have incorporated many of them into our program including:
  • BBC Television Studios
  • Old Trafford (including a seminar from the Manchester United business team about "The Business of Sport")
  • National Refugee Week - charitable work in their host communities

Manchester also has the biggest student population in Europe!

The Northern Quarter is a great place to head to of an evening and the live music scene is world famous. On our program you will meet people from around the world (including Australia, America, Europe, China). Our experience over the past 10 years is that people really do make lifelong friends and it’s a really great part of the program! In fact- we have also played cupid to a marriage and several (hundred) couples on our programs! In Manchester, we will also be hosting a networking expert who will teach you best practice when networking with peers, your Host Company and in your host industry.  You’re sure to come home with a great new network and the confidence and skills to ask for that great letter of recommendation and career to match! 

CRCC Asia will help you with your internship every step of the way so you can focus on your career development and exploration of the fantastic city of Manchester. Find CRCC Asia on our Placement Companies page and click through to their website to see the opportunities they offer, and their Facebook page to keep up with their Facebook Live series.

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