A CRCC Asia Blog: A Day in the Life of a CRCC Asia Intern in Manchester

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CRCC Asia are the specialists for Manchester internships, serving up an inside look at the hustle and bustle of one of the top UK cities for business and fun. There's a drive behind the city that draws multinational companies from around the world to skip the Big Smoke (London) and head north to give their employees the best of the UK on their doorstep. Take a look at what YOUR day a Manchester Intern in Britain could look like! 

A Day in the Life of a CRCC Asia Intern in Manchester

7:30 am – The start of a new day in Manchester.
8:30 am – Having grabbed some breakfast, you get the tram across to your office.
9:00 am – You get into the office and discuss with your colleagues the Man U result from last night.
9:30 am – Having checked emails, you have a quick catch up with your Manager who tells you he has been impressed with your work so far, gives you a couple of pointers for professional development and sets you off on your next project. You spend a few minutes bouncing ideas off each other before you get back to your own desk and make a start.
11 am – Your colleague wanders across to your desk and asks you how you’re doing. You discuss your project with her and she gives you a couple more ideas from a different standpoint of the business.

12 pm – Your colleagues are discussing a comedy show over in the Northern Quarter tomorrow evening and invite you along. You send a quick text to a couple of your fellow CRCC interns, inviting them too.​
12:30 pm – Lunchtime! You and another intern head towards Deansgate to pick up a pie and mash. You sit eating in Piccadilly Gardens, people watching and talking about your weekend plans. Your colleague is going walking in the Peake District and you are headed to Liverpool with some of your new friends.
1:30 pm – Back to the office and you catch up on a few emails. You have a meeting at 2 with your Manager and another at 4 where some clients will be coming in. Your Manager has asked you to research a couple of things prior to your 2 o’clock meeting so you get to it.
2 pm – You grab yourself a coffee and head to the “thought bubble” – the trendy meeting area of your company. Your Manager explains that he is keen for you to meet some of his clients and work on delivering a new project for them over the next couple of weeks of your internship. You begin discussing ideas and your Manager is impressed and wants you to pitch with him to the client in the 4 o’clock meeting. This is your chance to prove yourself! It’s your opportunity to deliver and get those fantastic results to write on your CV. You leave the “thought bubble” with a big grin on your face!
3 pm – Back at your desk you begin diligently researching the client and the project and make a list of all your ideas ready to pitch.
4 pm – Your clients arrive. Having heard their brief, you realize some of your ideas might need to be altered a little to suit their needs. Luckily you are super adaptable and can think on your feet – skills you can now evidence by having an international internship on your CV! Your clients are impressed with your ideas. As your Manager comes back into the office, he high fives you and tells you the meeting went very well. You should be proud, Rockstar!​

5 pm – You leave the office with a big smile on your face! Your mom would be so proud! You drop her a quick email to tell her and then she tries to FaceTime you 5 times on your way home!
6 pm – Tonight is CRCC’s business seminar. You meet your friends at the tram-stop, swapping stories about the day’s events. You love telling your new friends the story of how you smashed it at work today!
6:30 pm – In the seminar, you learn about how you can use your CRCC Asia business experience to land your dream job. This is going to be so valuable when you get home!
7:30 pm – After the seminar, you and 10 other CRCC interns head to Spinningfields to grab some dinner. You are all discussing the weekend - you were headed to Liverpool on the train but you have heard that the Manchester Rangers are playing on Friday night so of course you’re going! So much to do, so little time!
9 pm – After dinner you hear there is an unmissable band playing tonight over in the Northern Quarter. You are dying to go but you are getting tired and you know you have continue to impress at work tomorrow to smash that letter of recommendation. Or you could go and hear a few songs – after all you are in Manchester and your accommodation is so central that you don’t have to travel far to get home.
10 pm – The band WAS unmissable! And you are so grateful for all of these new experiences that you are getting! Your friends back home must be green with envy at your Instagram recently! #winning
10:15 pm – You are back home and getting ready for bed. You notice a message from your mom who says she’s proud of you for your pitch today. You smile at yourself because you are proud of you too.


Career success, development and a buzzing social life with all the gigs, travel and sporting events you can handle sound like a life you could get used to? Head over to our Placement Companies page to find out more about Manchester experts CRCC Asia. Get in touch today and this could be you this summer!

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