A City Internships Blog: From Mount Saint Mary's to a State Senate Office

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City Internships are a BUNAC Placement Partner for the Intern in Britain program. With their mission to empower young people to secure rewarding, lucrative careers that enable them to choose a lifestyle, rather than chase one, CI's programs provide the skills, experience and links to hiring companies necessary to discover and launch successful careers in today's competitive and rapidly evolving employment landscape.

A City Internships Blog: From Mount Saint Mary's to a State Senate Office

City Internships’ (CI) eight-week Global Explorer Program centers around an internship placement with a leading company and is accompanied by a comprehensive series of classes, workshops and networking events optimized to enhance your commercial skills and employability. CI also offers a strong social element to the program, with regular evening get-togethers, a weekend trip and a day trip. 

More than 65% of CI alumni go on to accept permanent graduate positions with their host company. Moreover, our annual Student Outcomes survey shows that CI alumni secure graduate employment 3 times more quickly and earn 30% than their peers immediately after college/university.

To give readers a better idea of day-to-day life on our program and how our programs might benefit you, we caught up with Phylizia, Mount Saint Mary’s University graduate and ambitious student on our Los Angeles Global Explorer Program in Summer 2016.

1. Looking back, what advice would you give to students considering a program like CI?

I would advise students to wholeheartedly pursue a program like CI. CI is the ultimate platform for students dedicated to themselves and their respective disciplines and industries. Inspiring mentors, impactful seminars, immersive internships, and incredible friendships are waiting for you in multiple cities across the world. So, wherever you are, run, don’t walk, towards CI.

2. As a Political Science major, did your education prepare you for an internship in a State Senate’s office?

As a Political Science major, you’re exposed to the figures, moments, and theories that underlie the infrastructure of political systems, thought, and behavior, among other things. Such textbook knowledge got me through the door of a State Senate office. Although, once inside, my education came second to good ol’ trial and error.

3. What did you learn at your internship that university didn't teach you?

Mount Saint Mary’s University is perched on a mountain, offering a perspective of the world as it is and students are consistently challenged in classrooms to envision the world as it could be.

My internship afforded me the resources and access necessary to take that perspective and challenge to another level; it invited me to turn theories into practice. My internship with a State Senate office exposed me to the importance of applied learning.  The anxiety of doing poorly on a test could never compare to the possibility of not being able to deliver on a promise made to a constituent. 

That being said, internships expose you to different performance metrics. Performance in the workplace, especially in government offices, isn’t quantified by letter grades or simple participation, but rather, your ability to handle complex requests, power through time-sensitive (and often life or death) cases, and uphold something bigger than yourself. Whereas colleges and universities encourage you to remember and retain, internships force you to adapt and assess.

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City Internships (CI) is an accelerated learning provider offering full-time immersive in-person courses that combine intensive classroom-based workshops and seminars, practical work experience-based training and a link to potential employers.

Interested in finding out more about City Internships for your Intern in Britain experience? Visit our Placement Companies page. 

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