A CRCC Asia Blog: I've traveled the world but I'll still always come back to Manchester

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CRCC Asia are a BUNAC Placement Partner for the Intern in Britain program. The CRCC team are passionate about delivering you the best international internship possible. They truly believe their Manchester internship program is a unique opportunity to gain valuable professional experience in one of the liveliest and most dynamic destinations in the UK - and we at BUNAC believe it too. 

A CRCC Asia Blog: I've traveled the world but I'll still always come back to Manchester

By Rahul Vaish, alumni

George Orwell described Manchester as “The belly and guts of the Nation”. There is something inherently special about Manchester. My friends from other parts of the country who have come to visit have always left having felt the same thing. There is something warmer, happier and more friendly. The people are more courteous - it’s not as busy as London which means people still have heart and will have a conversation. It’s much cheaper too which helps! 

Having lived in London 18 months I see a significant different every day. It’s a smaller city than London, which means transport is less busy, but also getting around is much easier. You can walk all over Manchester and see all the sites. Having grown up in the suburbs, I often miss greenery around London. Whilst London has parks, in Manchester I can drive 8 miles from my house and be in the city centre, or 8 miles in the opposite direction and be in the country side. And yes, I said drive - no congestion charge, extortionate parking costs or crazy traffic jams means having a car is easy! 

Manchester has become incredibly culturally mixed which means a vast array of cuisines. All you need do is go along Deansgate and Spinningfields to see some amazing bars and get some great food. We have an incredible nightlife, you’re talking about the birthplace of Hacienda, a word renowned club associated with the rise of Acid House and Rave Music in the 80’s and 90’s. That heritage should tell you enough. Throw in names known around Ibiza as the biggest DJs in the World like Sankeys and the coveted Warehouse Project - you can’t go wrong!

If you are after something more sedate then we have the Palace Theatre and so many art galleries, such as Whitworth and the Manchester Art Gallery. If you like architecture- we have the John Ryland Library and Central Library, the town hall and Manchester Cathedral, and more modern architecture with the Urbis just to name a few things! We are home to two of the world’s biggest football clubs- Manchester United and Manchester City and you can even do tours around the grounds. We have Media City over in Salford Quays and it’s no mistake that the BBC have chosen to move so much of their television production over to this great city!

Venture just a little further out and you can go over to Chester Zoo or go to arguably the most stunning shopping centre in the UK, The Trafford Centre. If you want to see proper country side- head south to the Peak District - the UK’s first National Park. Or go over to our other National Trust park in Alderly Edge, which has a cliff edge with incredible views of the city, and is home to author Alan Garner. We have the Jodrell Bank Astrophysics Observatory which has the World’s 3rd largest telescope and we even have our very own Ferris wheel - the Manchester Eye! There’s even indoor ski slopes at the Chill Factor if you’re so inclined. 

Manchester may not be the capital, but it’s undoubtedly a long-established and important key city. It’s been the Industrial centre of the UK, and led the political and economic reforms of the UK in the 19th Century. If the above doesn't tell you enough - don’t forget it’s the musical capital of the UK. Oasis, The Smiths, Stone Roses, Chemical Brothers, Take That and Simply Red are all from this incredible City. Ian Brown (Stone Roses Lead Singer) said “Manchester has everything but a beach” and he couldn't be more right. Couple that with how Historian AJP Taylor described it as, “The only place in England which escapes our characteristic vice of snobbery”, you'll never convince me it isn't the best place on earth.

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We have totally fallen hook, line and sinker for Manchester now. CRCC Asia will help you with your internship every step of the way so you can focus on the career development and exploration to come! Find them on our Placement Companies page and click through to their website to see the opportunities they offer. 

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