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Capital Placement is a BUNAC Placement Partner for the Intern In Britain program with opportunities in London and a massive network of over 1500 companies to choose from. Capital Placement cover a wide range of industries including marketing, PR, journalism, film, banking, finance, legal, consulting, medical and much more so take a look at their top tips on how to enjoy your time off the job and make the most of your time abroad!

By: Vinay Vimalan

Interning abroad isn’t all work. Taking part in social events and cultural offerings is one of the biggest reasons anyone would choose to intern abroad so don’t miss out! Here are some points on getting the most out of your well-earned spare time off the job:

  • First thing’s first. Live like the Brits and take part in ‘City Breaks’ around Europe for the weekend! Local budget airlines are the best for getting you where you want to be and they save you time, which is the most important element when doing weekend City Break trips. You might not have heard of these airlines, but these no-frills options will have your bank balance thanking you and leave you with more money to spend on fun things at your destination! 
  • Stay in hostels, where you can meet fellow like-minded travelers and be closer to the local culture when you are traveling during your internship. If you really enjoying meeting new people, there is no better way to do so than staying at a hostel, exploring with others and making the most of the time you have! 
  • Focus on the FOOD! Food is often very highly ranked in terms of things our interns have enjoyed most during their time abroad. Trying food that is different to what you are used to may be difficult at first but you will not regret it! We’re sure your tastes have developed since you were two years old so keep them growing! 
  • Do not waste your time at your accommodation! You’re only visiting for a short period so make the most of it! We know it is tempting to crash in your bed after a long day in the office but lift yourself up and head out. Some of the best attractions like markets are only open after sunset and you will be missing out on a lot if you decide to stay in.

And if you're really organized...

  • It is always best to plan ahead and note all the key things you want to see and pencil in dates and times for visiting these places. Time can run away quickly, but doing a bit of research and staying organized will mean you won’t miss out on the things that motivated you to visit that destination in the first place!
  • Ask your colleagues at your internship for recommendations. They’ll have inside knowledge of areas that are worth visiting, the “tourist traps” to avoid and the mouth-watering restaurants where you’ll get the delicious fuel needed to keep you going through your weekend wanders.
  • Make note of key festival dates, especially if you want to experience the local culture. If you are heading to key events, it is always best to plan early as hotels, hostels and flights often sell out weeks in advance and if they are available, it could cost a fortune. 
  • Look into options for group tours even if you booked last minute! Group tours will go over the key details. This is also great if you are in a city for a very short duration and you want to see all the highlights of the city, all in one shot!

A dream Intern in Britain internship in dreamy, well-connected London. Capital Placement will help you with your internship every step of the way so you can focus on the career development and exploration to come! Find them on our Placement Partners page and click through to their website to see the opportunities they offer. 

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