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Museums give us the opportunity to see the world in a different way and acquire new and important lenses. Whether you’re piecing together a new part of history or finding a new perspective through an artist’s eyes, a museum trip can breathe new life and color into daily experiences. Even on the dreariest days, interns in London through The Intern Group won’t be lost for things to do. The following seven museums are just a few of the city’s many beautifully-curated homes to history, art, science and humanity - they are a must-see for anyone interning abroad in London!

1. The National Portrait Gallery (NPG)

Odd and obscure, London’s National Portrait Gallery makes more of an impression than its larger (and also impressive) companion, the National Gallery next door. Centuries of Britain’s monarchs, writers, nobility and politicians will stare back at you as you make your way through the gallery’s many rooms and hallways. The NPG owns nearly 200,000 portraits and entrance to the museum is free. (Win!)

2. Geffrye Museum 

Time travel through English history in this humanistic “museum of the home”. Showing rooms that encapsulate domestic life at different time periods, the Geffrye Museum allows its visitors to catch a glimpse of what home looked like for their parents, grandparents and so on. The museum, free of charge, shows the interior of homes all the way back from the 1600s to present day.

3. Churchill War Rooms 

Descending into this historic World War II bunker will transport interns to England in wartime. This former government command center has been made into one of London’s most interesting historical museums, taking its visitors through the life of Britain’s revered prime minister, Winston Churchill. 

4. Tate Modern 

The Tate Modern has made some of the world’s best modern art accessible and engaging for all its visitors. The free and spacious museum is easy to navigate and poses many different questions and ideas to visitors as they wander. Anyone with an open mind and healthy curiosity can appreciate the Tate Modern and leave with a new insight on life and modern art.

5. British Museum 

Easter Island Maoi, ancient Islamic art, Mesoamerican jewelry and everything in between can be found at the British Museum. This enormous, impressive and free museum is bursting at the seams with art and artifacts from centuries of human history. Though the crowds rush to the museum’s most famous artifacts like the Rosetta Stone, wandering around the less predominant parts of the museum will make for a more introspective and engaging visit. 

6. The Ragged School Museum

To “experience a slice of Victorian life” interns in London can visit the Ragged School Museum. Visitors can learn how impoverished school children lived in the 1800's and even take Victorian lessons. Museum admission is free. 

7. The Wellcome Collection

A truly unique museum, The Wellcome Collection has successfully converged science, medicine, life and art into one thought-provoking museum. Curious minds of all backgrounds can engage in topics like obesity, memory, dreams and medicine while perusing this curious collection of information, objects, art and ideas. Founded in 2007, the museum is dedicated to opening eyes to life’s intersections and intricacies. 

Visit all of these museums and more during your Intern in Britain experience with The Intern Group. Personal development, professional development and tons of amazing new opportunities await so head on over to read up about The Intern Group on our Placement Companies page and jump on their website for more information! 

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