We don't know about you, but one of our favorite parts of travelling is trying the local cuisine. So for all you other foodies out there we compiled a list of our favorite foods to try while on your Working Holiday Visa.

Ireland- Possibly known more for their beers and whiskeys, here are our top menu items when visiting:

  • Full Irish Breakfast-includes bacon, sausage, black and white puddings, eggs, vegatables and potatos all fried in creamy butter, often served with Irish Soda Bread. Don't plan for a lot of physical activity right after this meal!
  • Irish Stew-a hearty dish traditionally made with lamb, perfect for a cold, rainy day in IRL
  • Chocolate Orange Guinness Cake- combines the countries most famous beer, chocolate and orange zest, a perfect combination!

Australia- Has strong culinary influences from Asia and England and unlimited access to the freshest seafood:

  • Barramundi- fresh fish unique to this region with a mild taste and delicate texture, served a variety of ways
  • Tim Tam's-can be purchased at almost any grocery or convenience store, these cookies are coated with chocolate and come in a vareity of flavors (we advise going for double chocolate
  •  Meat Pie-although it's originally from England, Australia does a pretty mean meat pie with many options for fillings

New Zealand-Similar to Australian cuisine and driven by local, fresh ingredients

  • Afghan Biscuit- a Kiwi classic, crunchy and soft chocolate cookie with icing on top
  • Tuatua- shellfish indiginous to NZ, may be a little milder, creamier and softer than you're used to, we especially enjoy tuatua fritters with dipping sauces
  • Fry Bread- very popular in Maori circles and exactly what it sounds like, can be served with sweet or savory meals