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Kirsty, a member of BUNAC's staff was born and raised in Auckland. She shares some of the top attractions in her hometown for those of you headed to New Zealand on our Work Abroad program, or just for a visit.

I grew up in Auckland and now work in London, looking forward to heading back for a holiday! Whilst you’re in Auckland, I would recommend visiting the following places for some great days out:

1) Auckland Zoo – has something for everyone!  It is a great way to spend a day, wandering around and seeing the animals at feeding time. Reasonable priced for entry and you can take a picnic and sit in one of the many park areas.

2) Kelly Tarltons – Auckland’s underground aquarium! Walk through the shark tunnel, touch the star fish and watch the penguins slide around. Cheaper to book tickets online and a great day experience.

3) Sky Tower – the tallest building in New Zealand! Glass fronted lifts take you up to a glass floor viewing platform where you can see (on a clear day) up to 80 km’s in every direction! Under NZ$30 to head up to some fantastic views.

4) Auckland Harbour Bridge – for beginner adrenaline junkies. Can walk across very top of the bridge and have stunning views over the harbour or/and you can bungee off the bridge heading down towards the Waitamata Harbour. Prices from NZ$125 depending on your options.

5) One Tree Hill – great picnic spot, in the heart of the city but feels like you are out in the country side! Is one of New Zealand’s largest intact (inactive) volcano cone and in 2000 the only pine tree at the peak was cut down. Free to enter.

6) MOTAT – An old style tram will take you between the two MOTAT sites displaying kiwi ingenuity and fun exhibitions that change regularly – never a dull moment! Under NZ$20 to enter and unlimited tram rides between both sites.

New Zealand is an amazing place and the adventure capital of the world. Have questions? Contact the BUNAC staff, or start your Work New Zealand application today!

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