Meet the BUNAC Team - Steph

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Name: Stephanie Schaaf

Hometown:  Monterey, California

Position: Temporary Administrative Assistant

Countries visited: Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden

Favorite place you’ve been and why: Copenhagen, Denmark. I had the opportunity to live and study abroad in Copenhagen for nearly 3 years and it will always be like a second home to me. I loved the Scandinavian culture, Danish design, and the amazing architecture of Copenhagen. It was a safe and welcoming city and I cherish the amazing memories I made there! 

Ideal next trip destination and why: I’m really excited to travel to Japan and Australia! I’ve worked with a lot of Japanese exchange students and I’m very interested in their culture. And Australia has always been a dream destination for me as well!

Favorite BUNAC Program and why: The Intern in Britain program!  What an amazing opportunity to gain professional work experience while living abroad and breaking out of your comfort zone! 

What you love about BUNAC: I love that BUNAC serves as a supportive resource for people looking for opportunities abroad. When I applied for my student visa and moved to Denmark I didn’t really have anyone to ask for help and the process was confusing and difficult. I would have loved the peace of mind that BUNAC can provide young travelers while planning their adventures abroad! 

Fill in the blanks:

I couldn’t live without: music and baseball. 

I’m embarrassed that I love: French bulldogs aka ‘Frenchies’ so much but that I don’t actually have my own yet. 

A fun fact about me is: I have over 60 first cousins!​

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