Meet the BUNAC Team - Brianna

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Name: Brianna Prime

Hometown: Bedford, Pennsylvania

Position: Program Coordinator, BUNAC USA

Countries visited: Mexico, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Costa Rica, Spain, France, and Netherlands

Favorite place you’ve been and why: Ireland. The people in Ireland have to be the most fun, congenial and outgoing group of I have ever met. The food and beer was phenomenal and I learned to love the gloomy yet beautiful weather while traveling to a multitude of locations throughout the country.

Ideal next trip destination and why: I’m starting to plan my next adventure in Germany for my birthday. The pubs, food and people seem like a fun and exciting culture to be a part of; not to mention all the interesting history and sites to hear and see!

Favorite BUNAC Program and why: I would have to say Work in Ireland only because I wish I would have taken a year off and worked all throughout Ireland visiting old friends and exploring new places. Each program/country is unique. I want to do them all!

What you love about BUNAC: I love that BUNAC works with a large spectrum of independent to dependent travelers. Participants can use our visa and go or utilize our in country assistance. We have something for everyone to help make their travel dreams into a reality.

Fill in the blanks:

I couldn’t live without soup dumplings.

I’m embarrassed that I love to crochet. (Hats, scarves and blankets came more in handy in PA!).

A fun fact about me is I did professional food and event photography for a hotel in Spain last summer, never having photography experience in my life.

Brianna in Ireland

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