It's All Cheese And Roll In The UK - A Tradition That You May Not Know About

The UK are well known for their traditions such as tea and scones, but there are some quirky traditions in the UK that you may not have heard of before. One of those traditions is The Annual Cheese-rolling Competition is an English tradition that takes place in Gloucestershire once a year.

Cheese Block

Just outside a quiet Gloucestershire town, cheese-lovers from far and wide descend on Copper's Hill to take part in the annual cheese-rolling competition. Competitors begin at the top of the 200 yard steep hill and chase 4 rolls of 8lb cheese down, in an attempt to become victorious and take home the cheese. The 'rollers' who take part do not only do it for the cheese, but also the adrenaline rush from taking part in such a dangerous sport.

The cheese-rolling event has been celebrated for centuries, and is thought to originate from an old heathen festival to celebrate the return of spring. Each year there are thousands of spectators at the event, and due to the increasing popularity the council has actually had to close all the roads within a two and a half mile radius of the slope.

Cheese Roll Hill

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