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Taylor has been interning abroad as an event planner with a Prestigious London Business. We caught up with her to get the low-down on how the whole process and experience has been for her.

What would you say to someone thinking about doing this? 

I would highly recommend the experience to anyone wanting to branch out and go abroad for school or work, and BUNAC helps you through the process a little smoother.  

Has this helped to shape your future career? 

Having this on my resume has not only been an investment in future but also an investment in myself. Finding an internship that you are interested in gives you unbelievable first-hand experience and also shows future employers you are capable of traveling abroad and working in an environment that you were not used to while being successful.

What do you think are the main skills you have picked up? 

I have definitely increased my ability to manage my time better as well as budget what is most important to get done day by day in terms of prioritizing my daily tasks. Your ability to communicate with others in a professional matter also increases being in that environment on daily basis. 

What has been the BEST part of your experience?  

I think being reminded of how capable and smart you are is an amazing benefit you gain from an experience as such. Thrusting yourself into a real world experience in another country teaches you so much about your ability to learn and where you see yourself going post internship. Almost puts you at ease when thinking about the future. 

How did you find BUNAC’s help in the process?                  

BUNAC was able to provide the necessary help along the way in a process that can me, and usually is, a very difficult process. However BUNAC is always accessible to answer any questions and help you tailor your documents and needs to make sure the process goes as quickly as possible.

What did you do in your spare time? 

London is a city that is filled with so many amazing things to do in your spare time, one summer is barely enough to hit 25% of it all. Even if you come here with no knowledge of what do or where to go, you can pop off almost any central tube station and walk around and find many things to do. But a lovely Saturday in one of the many parks, a random weeknight in a classic pub, or a touristy Sunday on the London Eye are things to keep in mind.

What do you think are main benefits to doing an internship overseas?  

Getting to see any part of the world is something that, at no matter what age, is truly unforgettable. It’s healthy to leave your comfort zone and immerse yourself in another culture. When you add an internship into the mix as well you are also able to immerse yourself in another commuting/corporate/social culture. 

What did you find most rewarding about your experience? 

I truly cherished the relationships I have made while over here with friends, but more importantly, my colleagues. When a part of team, no matter how big or small, the relationships you create make your work experience that much better. How much I have learned has also been extremely rewarding going back to my final year of school with immense knowledge on what I am studying.

And finally would you recommend BUNAC to someone thinking of interning in the UK? 

I would recommend BUNAC to someone planning a similar experience because the majority of us are so young and BUNAC is our helping hand along the process of the visa and the source to go to for questions.

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