Costs & Dates

Costs and Dates

Customise your experience and complete your booking today to get the ball rolling to get your adventure started in 2015!

The dates below are the dates that you should arrive in Sydney for your orientation and other in-country activities. Your job/placement starts a couple of days later. Kick-start your adventure with lots of other BUNACers heading to Oz on one of our Group Flights which co-ordinate with our arrival dates into Sydney.

Arrive in Sydney

Corresponding Group Flights

Booking Deadline

February 2nd 2015 January 29th 2015 - FULLY BOOKED December 1st 2014
March 2nd 2015 February 26th 2015 - FULLY BOOKED December 18th 2014
March 30th 2015 March 23rd 2015 - FULLY BOOKED January 12th 2015
April 27th 2015 April 23rd 2015 February 19th 2015
May 25th 2015 May 21st 2015 March 12th 2015
June 22nd 2015 June 16th 2015 April 7th 2015
July 20th 2015 July 16th 2015 May 7th 2015
August 17th 2015 August 13th 2015 June 4th 2015
September 14th 2015 September 10th 2015 July 2nd 2015
October 12th 2015 October 8th 2015 July 30th 2015
November 9th 2015 November 5th 2015 August 27th 2015
7th December 2015 TBC 10 weeks before departure

These arrival dates into Sydney co-ordinate with our popular Group Flights, which are perfect for the first time or apprehensive traveller. Fly to Sydney with other BUNACers heading out to Australia with a 3 day stop-over in Hong Kong and make friends before you arrive in Australia. Want the flexibility of booking your own flight to Australia? Chat to our friends at STA Travel on the BUNAC dedicated line on 0871 468 0666 or get in touch at

How much does it cost?

Add any combination of the following options for the ultimate Down Under adventure.

Ultimate Packages
3 months £699
6 months £849
Australian Working holiday Visa from BUNAC
​(If you prefer to apply for the visa without the support of our
Visa Service, you can do so via the Australian Government's
Support Funds
You may need to show proof of access to funds on arrival as
a requirement of the working holiday visa.
1 year Working Holiday Visa £310
Travel insurance Request a quote or call 033 39997516
Surf Camp £345
WWOOFing package £48

When do I book and how much do I pay?

Reserve your place by either booking online or calling us on 033 3999 7516. For online bookings you will pay a £100 deposit and one of our Work Abroad Experts will be in touch to discuss your next steps. Once the programme fee is paid in full we can hold a space for you on one of our Group Flights. Any outstanding costs will be due no later than 10 weeks before departure.

Group Flights must be booked at least 6 weeks before the departure date, places are limited so we recommend applying as soon as possible. Call us now to check availability on your preferred departure.