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Part of the quintessential Aussie experience is getting your hands dirty, getting away from the bright lights of the city, getting in touch with your inner farmer.

Now, we know the prospect of working on a farm may seem out of your comfort zone, but that’s where BUNAC's Ranch experience comes in. This five day programme will teach you all the skills you need to live and work on the farm, from learning horse riding and farming skills. You'll learn sheep shearing, cattle mustering, bush skills, lassooing, shoeing horses, fencing and basic horse training, making sure you stand out to prospective employers. At the end of your time on the ranch you'll even be given assistance bagging that elusive farm job! 

You can add the Ranch experience onto our Work Australia Ultimate programme

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Trip Notes


When you’re on the ranch

  • 5 day open-ended (use it whenever you want throughout your time in Oz) ranch experience course, where you’ll learn all the skills you’ll need to live and work on a farm
  • Assistance securing a farm job after your course has finished
  • All food and accommodation throughout the five day course in hostel-style housing
  • Transport to the ranch from Sydney
  • Training on everything you need to know to work on a farm
  • Chance to get a bit closer to that second year visa!

When you’re not on the ranch

As part of Ranch Experience you’ll also receive everything included in our Work Australia Essentials package when you're not on the ranch…

  • Opportunity to book a Group Flight with a Hong Kong stopover
  • Airport pick up and hostel transfer
  • Australian orientation and set up of all the Aussie essentials, including, bank account, Tax File Number and Medicare card
  • 12 months access to our Australian recruitment agency and job placement services, who will help you find as many jobs as you want (not just farm work) throughout your whole 12 months in Oz
  • 12 months access to a regularly updated online job board
  • 12 months use of our resource centres in Sydney (...and Melbourne as of April 2016)
  • On-going resume consultations
  • On-going weekly and monthly social events
  • Long term accommodation advise and assistance, whether you want an apartment, house share or hostel
  • Bilingual and well-travelled team of staff to assist you all year round

Arrival fun week

On our Ranch Experience package you’ve also got the opportunity to add the seven day activity week included in our Work Australia Ultimate package, for an extra £250! 

Your ranch itinerary

  • Day 1-3

    After landing in Sydney you’ll be whisked off to ‘Sydney’s best hostel,’ Wake Up, which will be your base for your first few days Down Under. You’ll have the opportunity to explore all of Sydney’s hidden gems and make the most of a comprehensive arrival orientation, where you’ll learn all about the ranch week you have ahead, how to set up all the Aussie essentials and all the job finding support you’ll receive for the duration of your working holiday!
  • Day 4

    On day four you’ll have to be up bright and early to head to the train station where you will board a train to the ranch. At the other end you’ll be met by a member of the team who will talk you through the coming week and sort out all the housekeeping things, like paperwork. After this you’ll begin your first lesson on the ranch, which will cover everything from basic knot tying, to tyre changing and fencing. Your first day at the ranch will finish with a good ol’ Aussie Barbie!
  • Day 5-9

    Throughout your 5 days on the ranch you’ll learn everything you need to know about working in the Australian outback, from cattle mustering, motorbike riding and tractor driving, to horse riding, four wheel driving and farm maintenance. After finishing you’re days with a well-deserved beer around the camp fire, you’ll feel like a true Aussie farmer in no time! There will also be the opportunity within the week to talk to the team and get advise and assistance lining up your farm work.

Common questions... 

How often does the 5 Day ranch course run?

The course runs weekly (arrive on Monday, stay for 5 days/nights and depart on Saturday morning). They are closed over the Christmas period for a few weeks (approx. mid December until early/mid Jan) and they also have a couple of weeks off during the year for holidays. So all together they are open for approx. 46 weeks of the year.

How far in advance do I need to book my ranch course once I have booked and paid for the programme?

The maximum number of guests they can take in each course is currently 12, so we encourage you to book early to ensure you get a spot on your preferred date. The courses fill up very quickly in spring and summer, and less quickly in autumn and winter.

Can I use my ranch course at a later date in my working holiday?

Yes, of course. If you don't want to do your ranch course as soon as you arrive in Australia just let us know. You'll be able to let our Aussie partners know what date you want to start the ranch course whilst you're in Oz... just make sure you give them at least a few weeks notice!

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