Ultimate Package - jobs

The BUNAC Ultimate package help you arrange everything for your US adventure before you go including free assistance with pre-arranging your job, your long-term accommodation and ensuring you have that all-important J-1 visa!

We work with hundreds of employers throughout the States who have been hiring BUNACers each summer for over 50 years. We have selected our favourites, who need friendly and enthusiastic students like you! 

What kind of work can I do? 

We work with employers all over the States, based in popular US vacation spots, giving you a great chance to mix with the locals and have an authentic American experience for the summer! Whether you’re working in a theme park in Maryland, in a resort in Martha’s Vineyard or in a souvenir store in North Carolina, be more than just a tourist. Earn some $$$s, do some travelling and gain great life experience.

As the employers are based in popular US vacation spots, they will need their staff to work in positions such as: 

Restaurants / Bars Retail Stores Amusement Parks
Water Parks Country Clubs Job of the Month!

Every employer has been pre-approved by our US visa sponsor, CIEE. Each job meets State minimum wage, and employers also provide access to subsidised accomodation.

Each job will run from June to September, so you must be available to start work between the 1st and 15th of June. 

How it works

We want to hear from you! Complete your booking form online and our BUNAC team will give you a call to discuss your application and your ideal Work America adventure. 

Our BUNAC team will assess your preferences and experience, and will then arrange a Skype or UK face-to-face interview with your potential employers.