Essentials Package

What type of job can I do?

There are hundreds of seasonal jobs to provide you with an authentic American experience for your summer in the States.

Here’s a few examples of the most common summer employers:

Amusement Parks Retail stores Country Clubs Beach Clubs
Bars Restaurants Water Parks Hotels

How to find your job

Online Job Zone

Use our free exclusive online Job Zone to access a huge range of pre-approved job opportunities all across the US, from J-1 approved employers that have recruited BUNACers for seasonal work in the past. The Job Zone takes the hard work out of the job hunting process.

There are currently over 120 live positions on our online Job Zone from 20 employers looking for seasonal staff, all waiting to receive applications from Brits!  

  • Free access to US summer jobs all over the country

  • Find cover letter and resume writing tips & guidelines

  • Search for jobs by company type and location

  • Send your application to US employers at the click of a button

With no limit on how many jobs you can apply to, the success of your job hunt is down to you.


To help you along with your job hunt, take a look at these handy websites, and our friendly advisors can help you with some helpful job-hunting tips:

What type of jobs can’t I do? 

When job-hunting, don’t forget that there are restrictions on the type of work you can do. Your work must be seasonal, with an employer whose busiest time is over the summer period. We will not be able to accept US summer jobs in these categories.