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Types of camps

With over 10,000 different summer camps in the USA, there's a huge variety of different types of camps available where you could work as an activity specialist. It's important to have an understanding of the different types of camps that are available so that you can feel prepared for potentially working at any one of them. Summer Camp USA Interviewer Richard went from a roller hockey specialist to an Assistant Director. There's something for everyone!

  • Private camps
  • Religious camps
  • Non-profit camps
  • Girl Scout camps
  • Special needs camp

Privately owned summer camps in the USA

These camps are independently owned and attract children from middle to high income families. All camps are different in their approach - some have very rigid structures, where others have a more relaxed structure.

Many of these camps are base near the waterfront and are highly sport orientated, from water sports to rock climbing. These summer camps recruit activity specialists from the UK to teach these sports to children of all abilities, as well as being responsible for a group of campers as a cabin cousellor. You can usually find these camps nestled in a rustic area with log cabins ready for counsellors and children.


Religious summer camps in the USA

Religious camps

As you may have guessed, these are church-based camps with strong religious values from Christian camps to Jewish camps.

These camps are perfect for people who believe strongly in their faith, who can guide campers spiritually, along with completing the normal activities of camp cousellors. These types of camps also recruit UK participants to be camp cousellors at camp every year

Non profit summer camps in the USANon-profit camps

These camps are slightly different to the traditional private summer camps, as many rely on donations and fund raising in order to run summer camp programmes. They are similar to that of private summer camps as they are located in beautiful settings around the USA, although the accommodation and equipment may be a bit more rustic.

However, this won't affect the amazing and rewarding time that you will have working with the children, teaching them various activities and enriching their lives.

Girl Scout summer camps in the USAGirl Scout camps

At Girl Scout camps, there is a major focus on outdoor living and outdoor activities. These types of camps are made up of canvas tent style accomodation that usually houses up to 8 people per tent.

At these camps you can re-connect with the great outdoors, as many do go 'back to basics', so laterns may become an essential part of your kit as a camp cousellor! You'll most likely enjoy a good camp fire session with everyone at the camp and have an opportunity for a sing-along.

Privately owned summer camps in the USASpecial Needs camps

For a truly rewarding experience, there is nothing better than working at a special needs summer camp in the USA. Special needs camps cater for children with a range of different needs, from learning difficulties to mental and physical disabilities and camp counsellors will tend to look after 2 to 6 campers.

If you have experience working with special needs children or would like to work at one of these camps, you will definately have a rewarding time and create life-long memories!

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