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Your role at summer camp

Throw yourself into the spirit of Summer Camp USA, and trust us, it’ll be one of the most rewarding, skill-enhancing and best summers of your life. You'll work with children to develop lifelong leadership skills as well as lifelong friends. 

Your main two goals at camp: ensuring camper well-being and FUN. Your days will include sunny afternoons at the lake and campfires under the stars, combined with other responsibilities like dealing with homesickness and looking after campers. Picture yourself as a brother/sister/parent/teacher/friend/coach/cheerleader - all rolled into one!

Usually, one or two members of staff are assigned to a cabin of 4-10 children to look after while they're at camp. The Camp Director expects staff to set a good example, and BUNAC staff are always trusted to be great!

Camp orientation/staff training begins when you arrive at camp and can last up to one week, depending on your camp. You'll be given an overview of your role, prepare the camp for the kids arrival, and of course, get to know your other staff members! Your colleagues will quickly become family, so get your camp spirit on and enjoy the ride! 

A typical camp day

Want to know what you'll be up to every day? Former BUNACer and camp swim coach Mark shares a typical camp day: 

A Day in the Life of a Camp Counsellor
7.30 Wakey, wakey! A new day in the happiest place on Earth has begun. I wake to the sound of cheesy music over the tannoy and rush to the cabin of campers ready for flag raising and breakfast.
10.00 Morning activities: I walk with my campers to their activities and join in, these can be anything from paddle-boarding at the lake to playing baseball on the field. Competition is ON.
13.00 Lunch: all that exercise and fun makes for hungry campers and counsellors. There's lots of buzz about what's on the menu: tacos, grilled cheese and tomato soup or sloppy joe's? 
14.00 Afternoon activities: I supervise the campers fishing in the bay, it's amazing feeling watching them catch their first fish!
18.00 DINNER TIME. Today we're having a cook out, rustic style... juicy burgers and hot dogs are served all around on a campfire or barbecue. A camp favourite - nom. 
19.30 It's International Evening, so I've painted the Union Jack proudly on my face ready for inter-country competitions! 
21.30 The campers in my cabin are exhausted from the day, so they fall asleep pretty quickly. I head to our daily staff meeting to go over the day's events.
22.00 Exhausted but excited, I hang out in the staff house with other BUNACers and plan our after-camp road trip - NYC is on everyone's list. Camp life is hectic, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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