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Ropes and Climbing

Being a ropes and/or climbing instructor on Summer Camp USA combines the responsibilities of leading adventure activities with being a camp counsellor.

You are likely to be working with a team of fellow counsellors on a programme designed to enhance and develop the campers’ skills and proficiency over the summer. You may be working with children of all ages and abilities, usually in small groups according to age.

Your responsibilities may also include the maintenance and upkeep of the climbing equipment or ropes/adventure course.

What experience or qualifications are camps looking for?

Camps are looking for:

  • Individuals who actively climb and are familiar with different types of climbing e.g. top roping, bouldering, lead climbing and sport climbing
  • Young people who have an understanding of different knots used in climbing
  • A safety conscious individual who is able to comfortably belay other climbers

As a rock climbing instructor you are expected to be:

  • Safety conscious - safety is paramount for a dangerous activity such as rock climbing
  • Enthusiastic and approachable
  • Hard-working - teaching kids and maintaining climbing equipment
  • Encouraging
  • Experienced in climbing or ropes

Stand out from the crowd

First and foremost all applicants need experience of working with children in a leadership position. Ropes and climbing Instructors also need to have a passion for the activity and a desire to share their enthusiasm and knowledge in a safe and professional manner.

Awards which may strengthen your application include the British Mountaineering Awards (BMC) and climbing qualifications (UKCC), although neither are essential. Good personal experience of teaching ropes and/or climbing is usually sufficient.

Voluntary work
Volunteering work looks great on your summer camp application as it demonstrates that you have experience in rock climbing. Contact your local rock climbing club or community centre and find out if you can help out. Rock climbing is also very popular with Scouts and Girl Guides so alternatively you could help there.

Camps generally run special pre-camp training sessions to qualify ropes and climbing instructors to American standards. This also provides staff in the department the opportunity to work together and plan the ropes programme for the summer. Participants placed in these areas may therefore be required to arrive at camp ahead of the general camp orientation.

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