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Horse Riding

Teaching horse riding at summer camp combines the responsibilities of teaching riding, looking after the horses and being a camp counselor. It is a fun and rewarding, yet challenging opportunity to enhance your teaching skills, develop your personal experience and have a great summer!

As a riding specialist, you could be teaching skills and giving lessons for several hours a day, usually in hour-long periods, generally in addition to caring for the horses. Riding programmes vary greatly from camp to camp and may consist of simply teaching some horse care and ring work, or of more advanced lessons plus trail rides.

Your lessons will be to groups of campers of a similar age and skill level and you will be expected to develop their proficiency throughout their time at camp, using your own knowledge and the camp’s own programme. Riding is often an optional activity at camp and most of the campers taking riding are likely to be beginners or improvers.

What experience or qualifications are camps looking for?

Camps are looking for:

  • Young people with a range of experience in any areas of horse riding. Do you have experience in any of the following areas?
    - Trail Riding
    - Dressage
    - Vaulting
    - Show jumping
    - Steeple Chase
    - Polo
    - Therapeutic riding
    - Hunt Seat
  • Individuals who are confident and have experience in horse back riding
  • As a horse riding instructor, one of your main responsibilities will be for the horses at camp so you must be willing to get your hands dirty and help out with working to maintain the horse’s stables and wellbeing for the duration of the summer.
    - Do you have experience making feed?
    - Do you know how to tack and untack horses?
Horse riding instructors are expected to be:
  • Enthusiastic and Flexible towards teaching and working with kids
  • Ability to balance the fundamentals of teaching skills and safety
  • Professional at all times
  • Hard-working - teaching the kids and caring for the horses

Like the level of the children, the quality of the horses can also vary considerably from camp to camp. Some may need a great deal of work to get them ready for the children to ride before camp even begins. Riding staff are therefore often required to arrive at camp quite a while before everyone else.

Stand out from the crowd

Horse riding counselors need to have a passion for riding and horses and a desire to share their enthusiasm and knowledge.

Having qualifications will really strengthen your application. These include the Pony Club B or C award and BHS qualifications, or the UKCC equivalent, ranging from the Groom’s Certificate in Horse Knowledge and Care to BHS Assistant Instructor Level One.

Voluntary work
Experience of working with children is also important. Teaching experience, whether it’s working professionally at a riding school, or helping out at weekends at the local stables, or in the Pony Club, is beneficial. Once you've worked with a senior instructor for a couple of sessions, why not have a go at organising on the kids classes yourself?

Having owned a pony or horse and ridden for a number of years helps too.

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