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Teaching at camp usually means working in idyllic surroundings, but it can be an energy-zapping job! Your role as an instructor will be to develop and enhance children’s confidence, skill and proficiency over the summer.

The children may be absolute beginners or have a lot of experience, so a broad knowledge and plenty of patience are important. Your responsibilities may also include the maintenance and upkeep of the camp’s equipment.

What experience or qualifications are camps looking for?

Camps are looking for:

  • Individuals who are familiar with different bows within archery from longbow to compact bow
  • Archers who are familiar with archery games that they could use with children at camp
  • Young people who are able to teach archery techniques such as: draw and load, anchor, transfer and hold, aim and expand, release and follow-through and other techniques to children at summer camp.

As an archery instructor you are expected to be:

  • Hard-working
  • Fun and enthusiastic
  • Ability to balance the fundamentals of teaching skills and safety
  • Confident in teaching the principle of archery
  • Patient and understanding with the kids

Stand out from the crowd

Camps are looking for staff members who have worked in a similar role and/or have great personal experience of archery. Therefore, previous experience working with children in a supervisory role and a high level of personal skill in archery is essential for a strong application.

If you would like to lead archery at summer camp consider completing an instructor qualification to increase the chance of being placed at camp. The courses usually take two and a half days to complete, and there are lots of companies that offer these courses. Having awards such as the Arrows Young Leader Award or Archery GB Instructor Award are great assets to your application.

Voluntary work
You could also look into volunteering at an archery club or helping out at a Scout or Girl Guide camp were archery is going to be one of the activities that is involved. Not only will you gain experience teaching archery but also teaching children.

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