Marine Conservation Volunteering: Sharks, Whales & Penguins

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Marine Conservation Volunteering In South Africa

Are you a bit of an adrenaline junkie who would like to tick one more amazing experience off your bucket list? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cave dive with great white sharks? Would you like to volunteer with the endangered African penguin?

BUNAC’s Marine Conservation: Sharks, Whales & Penguins volunteering programme will allow you to do this, all while experiencing the amazing diverse country that is South Africa and developing transferable skills to use in your future search for employment. Take a dip into the deep blue sea with this awesome opportunity based in gorgeous Gansabaai, South Africa.


A short overview of BUNAC's Marine Conservation: Sharks, Whales and Penguins programme. 

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Have a look at everything you get when you book onto BUNAC's Marine Conservation: Sharks, Whales and Penguins programme in South Africa. 

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All about how much our fantastic Marine Conservation: Sharks, Whales and Penguins costs. 

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