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Home for you time in South Africa will be at the Oewer camp in the Balule Game Reserve.  This riverside camp has awesome views over the Olifants River and is surrounded by bird and wildlife. You can see the resident hippos from the camp and elephant, buffalo and giraffes are always wondering up the river. If you’re lucky you will also catch a glimpse of the resident lions that follow the buffalo as their main food source.


You will be staying in a dormitory style building with bunk beds (in general there will be between 4 – 10 other volunteers on the project at the same time).  
Although the camp facilities are basic there is a communal lounge and braai (barbeque) area where volunteers enjoy their meals and socialize in the evenings. The camp has electricity so you can charge your phones and computers etc.

The reserve is remote and the nearest small town is 50 km away, so its worth taking a few books and any electronics with you. Camp supplies and groceries are bought in town every 2 weeks and you are welcome to join these trips.  

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